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1Gbps Superfast Broadband available in Braintree & Witham Industrial Areas

Essex based APC Solutions UK Limited can now deliver up to 1Gbps Superfast Broadband connectivity via tried and tested wireless technologies throughout the Braintree & Witham business parks.

With businesses regularly looking towards wireless solutions where fibre by traditional suppliers is either not available at all or the waiting times are too long APC Solutions has the answer.

Martin Gozzett, Managing Director at Quest Motors in Braintree comments ‘We have been utilising APC wireless broadband technologies for over 10 years. The flexibility of wireless means the solution can grow and develop, as our business needs change. With a traditional fibre leased line alternative we could be waiting months for a new line to be put in place; with APC new links can be added in a matter of days. It’s this fast response time and extreme flexibility that keeps our business running to the best of its ability. Martin continues ‘Why more businesses don’t utilise wireless broadband is beyond me – it’s just as reliable, has much shorter lead times and has saved us thousands of pounds over the years – it’s a win win situation’.

APC is continually extending its services and now offers bespoke and cost effective Superfast Broadband wireless packages specifically to the commercial sector in the Braintree and Witham areas.

Chris Lynch, Managing Director of APC Solutions UK Limited says ‘Often the last mile of telecommunications causes the most issues for organisations.  Last-mile technology is often a challenge because the cost of providing high-speed, high-bandwidth fibre services to individual customers can be higher than service providers are prepared to invest. Laying wire and fibre optic cables is an expensive task that can be environmentally demanding and require high maintenance. Chris continues ‘At APC we can deliver Superfast broadband connectivity often cheaper than fibre and always in a shorter lead time. Wireless is tried, tested and completely reliable.’

The Department for Culture, Media & Sport has an ambition to provide superfast broadband to at least 90% of premises in the UK and to provide universal access to standard broadband – APC Solutions work with local councils to help deliver this ambition.

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APC Solutions is recognised as a leading provider of high performance wireless communications solutions.

APC specialises in all aspects of wireless and networking technologies including Wireless LAN and Outdoor Wi-fi, Private Networks – Point to Point and Point to Multi Point, Licensed microwave, high capacity microwave, broadband and Mesh technologies.

APC offers high capacity, mission critical wireless communications – anywhere.

APC’s qualified engineers design, supply, install and maintain innovative high performance wireless LAN, WAN & Wi-Fi networks for both large and small businesses across the UK and internationally.

Wireless communications are frequently becoming the solution of choice for businesses as they bring cost savings, reliability enhancement and open up new revenue generating opportunities.


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