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Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy


Corporate and Social Commitment

At APC Solutions we believe that it is not a responsibility but our duty to perform in a fair and ethical manner. Our company not only has a culture, it has a conscience, one which we conduct in every aspect of our business with honesty, openness and dignity. We have a strong commitment to the community and actively seek out ways in which we can help charitable organisations. Our principles established over the past few years are a major ingredient in APC Solutions continuing success.

Our ambition, to be the best we can be, is based on excellent service provided by outstanding people. We must build a sustainable business that fully understands its impacts and its duty to care and constantly improve. Our policy covers these key principles, our support, health & safety, workforce, communities and environment. We are aware that full sustainability is not currently achievable however, this is ultimately our goal.

Our Support - in providing our service we are committed to excellent and ethical conduct being provided to all our customers and have developed a culture based on respect throughout every process.

Support to our Customers – We will assist and support any customer in their own designated charitable / volunteering activities. We are able to offer assistance in many different ways.

  • Charitable donations.
  • Support assistance for charitable / volunteering events. This can be either free or at cost depending on the size of the event.
  • Gifts to be auctioned.
  • Sponsorship.

Support to our Customer Aspirations – We will always support and exceed our customer’s expectation in achieving its own CSR targets. We constantly monitor market developments and pass on any relevant ideas or information to assist with possible future goals.


APC Solutions operate to the high Health and Safety standards set out in our Health and Safety statement and policy. We will adhere to the strict guidelines with regard to the health and safety of our clients, workforce and members of the public.

APC Solutions will monitor, record and measure its Health and Safety performance and this information will be readily available to its employees and customers.

All employees are required to co-operate fully with the management team to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

A detailed risk assessment which provides the foundations from which all training and tasks are performed will be created.

In addition to the above, we enhance our Health and Safety program utilising the additional points listed below.

  • All APC Solutions staff must complete our robust and effective Health and Safety training.
  • All staff are aware of Health and Safety through our induction programme and staff handbook, and are fully versed in our entire Health and Safety program.
  • APC Solutions' Health and Safety manager, in conjunction with a fully qualified external auditor, will carry out extensive inspections incorporating a review of all documentation and records on site. Any breaches in policy and procedures are highlighted and rectified immediately.
  • In addition to our internal procedures, we aim to achieve externally audited inspections on an annual basis.
  • An annual review of our Health and Safety program takes place immediately after our external audit and any resulting shortfalls and updates are implemented.


APC Solutions will recruit and employ the very best people regardless of race, colour, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age or disability. We aim to attract employees that will be committed to long term goals for themselves and to the benefit of the company.

We employ individuals who are qualified in their roles and responsibilities, merit and ability. This policy applies to all terms and conditions of employment. We adopt responsible employment practices and understand that our employees are our key asset. We encourage personal development and believe that with the correct support, individuals will succeed.

Learning and Development

APC Solutions prides itself on providing highly skilled and motivated staff to our customers at all times. We have a detailed and methodical approach to training at all levels, and this commences with our Induction training program. Employees are then given the opportunity to progress through every stage.

Our Communities

We attempt to achieve meaningful contributions at our working locations and will sponsor, support and promote activities that have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. APC Solutions currently supports employee initiative and contributions, client led initiatives, local sporting clubs and local charities.

Employees - Our commitment to become actively involved in the local communities and social projects, we believe, has tremendous value to the community, the individual and APC Solutions. It is APC Solutions aspiration to provide every employee with a minimum of one days annual leave to participate in an approved voluntary community service.

We aspire to operate a fund matching scheme to support employees fund raising endeavors when they support charitable causes.

Customer – We will assist and support any customer in their own designated charitable / volunteering activities. We are able to offer assistance in many different ways.

  • Charitable donation.
  • Support assistance for charitable / volunteering events. This can be either free or at cost depending on the size of the event.
  • Gifts to be auctioned.
  • Sponsorship.

Local sporting clubs – APC Solutions believes that sport can be an excellent way to remove personal and social barriers. We sponsor local sporting clubs.

Local charities – APC Solutions makes charitable donations for a variety of good causes and charities in the communities within which we work. We ask that our clients and employees inform us of any good cause or charity they work with. We then assess on a regular basis the contribution that we are able to offer.

The Environment

As a company we know that our business actions affect the environment. We operate our own Environmental Management System and know it is our duty to reduce and, where possible, eliminate the impact that we have on the environment and create a sustainable business that will continue to succeed.

APC Solutions are fully aware that full sustainability is not yet achievable, however it is our goal to seek opportunities to improve our processes, reduce our impact and benefit the communities in which we work.

We seek to improve sustainability by lowering consumption of:

  • Oil, Coal and Gas
  • Minerals
  • Land use
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Packaging
  • Raw Materials

Also lowering emissions of:

  • Waste to landfill
  • Waste to sewer
  • Accidental releases
  • Carbon dioxide pollution
  • Nitrogen oxides pollution

APC Solutions will monitor, record and measure it's environmental performance to ensure that we constantly achieve our targets and improve. This information will be available to all employees and customers.

There are 3 key steps required to optimize sustainability – reduce – reuse – recycle.

APC Solutions will only use products and equipment that has been assessed and meet our required company standards. Whenever possible, we will only use products and equipment that are sustainable and safe.

Our suppliers

APC Solutions endeavours to provide all key services directly, this ensures that our thorough standards are met. However, when this is not possible we will only work with suppliers that manage their own environmental impacts, and demonstrate a commitment to reduce their impact on the environment, and work towards achieving their own accreditation to the ISO environmental management system.

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