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Coffee Shop WiFi

Cafe & Coffee Shop WiFi Management Guide

This guide has been written to help those who own a coffee shop or cafe that are thinking about setting…

ISDN30 end of life 2025

ISDN30 End Of Life 2025 (your best alternatives)

Businesses who rely on ISDN30 will have to find an alternative before December 2025 when BT switch it off.  ISDN30’s…

ISDN Switch Off 2025

The ISDN Switch Off (what it means and what to do)

In 2015, BT announced their plans to switch off the ISDN and PTSN networks by December 2025. Leaving many people…

10GB Leased Line

The 10GB Leased Line (without absurd installation costs)

A 10GB leased line can cost businesses anywhere between £5,000 to £100,000 for installation alone. The lead time can take…

Line of Sight Internet

What is Line of Sight Internet? and is it right for your business?

Line of sight internet is a business-grade internet connection that’s delivered wirelessly via Point to Point technology. In terms of…

What is DSL

What is DSL?

DSL stands for “Digital Subscriber Line”, which is the type of broadband connection you’ll find in most UK homes in…

Fixed Wireless Internet

Is Fixed Wireless Internet Good?

With hundreds of businesses across the UK recently making the switch to fixed wireless internet, you’re likely considering whether it…

Broadband Contention Ratio

What is Contention Ratio?

Broadband contention ratio refers to the number of households sharing the data capacity of a single provider’s line. How Broadband…

Uncontended Internet

What is Uncontended Internet?

Uncontended internet is a dedicated internet connection that’s not shared with any other users.  With standard business broadband, you might…

What is FTTC Fibre To The Cabinet

What is FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet)?

FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) is the most common type of broadband connection used in UK homes. It uses a…

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