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The Most Reliable Backup Internet Connection for Business

Backup Internet Connection for Business

When you’re looking for a backup internet connection for business, it can be tempting to go for the first one you see, tick a box and say that you have it – without really digging deeper into what level of protection you have, or knowing if it will truly allow your business to run smoothly in the event of a problem.

Any business that has previously ignored the importance of having a reliable backup internet connection will tell you that it was a serious mistake.

Because they have all learned that having your internet go down for a substantial amount of time is more than just a mild inconvenience. It’s a loss of work and more importantly – a huge loss of earnings.

The bottom line is, in 2023 the vast majority of businesses cannot function without access to the internet.

Which is why you need to ask yourself:

  • What sort of events am I protecting against?
  • What is my primary connection speed?
  • What technology is my primary connection?
  • What is my typical daily usage over my primary connection
  • What impact would having no internet connectivity mean to the business?
  • What is the service level agreement with my primary internet provider, will it be repaired in hours or is the commitment from the provider just a best endeavours service level agreement?

Many businesses have been in a situation where they have lost their connection to the internet and have had to call their internet service provider saying “I run my business from this connection, my phones don’t work, I can’t despatch goods and I can’t invoice clients”.

Their response? Depending on the fault, up to 4 weeks of internet down time.

The question for you is, as an organisation with that much reliance on the internet (or WAN connections) – What are you going to do about it?

The 4G Backup Solution

You could install a 4G backup solution, which is great for ticking a box… but not so great if on the day you have a problem the network is busy (maybe because of the event which caused the outage in your location) and your typical 40Mbps download speed is now down to just 5Mbps.

Plus, because 4G is a metered connection, it can often be cheaper for businesses that burn through a lot of data to install a more reliable alternative in the first place!

The ‘Diverse’ Fibre Connection

Diverse Fibre Internet Connection

You could install another ‘diverse’ fibre connection. And you would think this is the best and most robust option because fibre is so reliable, right?


Lets assume your organisation has the budget and can afford to cover the costs of alternative ducts etc.

What if at some point on the route back from your property to different exchanges the cables have to meet over a bridge (for example)? or what if they share a duct somewhere?

As the client you are not to know any different. Until a disaster strikes and both your fibre connections stop working at the same time!

You could alternatively have some awful event which impacts all ground based connectivity, just outside of your front door.

Regardless of whether the lines come into your building at different points – the problem could be further back and will stop your business getting the backup internet it requires.

The Microwave Wireless Internet Solution

Microwave Wireless Internet

The number one most reliable backup internet connection for your business is always going to be Microwave Wireless Internet.

Because when you use a dedicated microwave internet connection, you’re getting an uncontended, low latency leased line type connectivity – that is just like a true fibre.

And there is nothing better than having a ground based fibre connection, backed up with an identical service (in terms of speed and contention over the air via a microwave internet connection).

The ducts or overhead cables could be damaged for days (or even weeks in a catastrophic failure) and it would make no difference to your internet connection! Because you will still have a faultless connection delivered through microwave.

There is good reason Microwave Internet is commonly referred to as the gold standard backup internet solution.

Because when you use microwave internet, there’s no worrying about how much data you use.

No worrying about whether it’s going to slow down because the local infrastructure is busy.

And no worrying about it not working. Microwave Internet just works!

Microwave Internet is the ideal backup internet service for:

  • Those who want a guaranteed, ultrafast connection to the internet at all times.
  • Those who didn’t have the budget for the ECC’s (Excess Construction Charges) on the diverse two fibre solution
  • Those who need a solution quickly, average turnaround times are 28 days from date of order.       
  • Those who really do want a truly diverse and robust backup connection away from the conventional methods available from the traditional telco providers 
  • Those who want to combine multiple WAN sources to create one larger connection but with resilience, also known as bonding.

Is Microwave Internet Is Available In Your Location?

microwave internet service providers

We have over 10 years’ experience providing hundreds of businesses across the UK with a dependable, high speed backup microwave internet connection.

And having worked with various small and large businesses throughout the years, we can say with full confidence that as soon as you get your backup microwave internet connection in place, you’ll wonder how you ever slept at night without it!

Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Don’t leave it until it’s too late before getting a true backup internet connection your business can rely on.

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