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The Best Leased Line Alternative

Best Leased Line Alternative

“If a leased line is the premium service I require for ‘always on’ connectivity why should I consider alternatives?”

There are a large number of reasons you may be searching for an alternative to a leased line. But the most likely reason is that your business or organisation falls into one of the following scenarios:

  1. You have been quoted high ECC’s (Excess Construction Charges) for delivery of a fibre leased line
  2. You need connectivity quickly and you are unable to receive a confirmed delivery timescale from a traditional telco provider or you have been let down
  3. You require a backup to an existing leased line
  4. You want to achieve true diversity to your existing fibre connection
  5. You want to work with an organisation that doesn’t rely on BT Openreach infrastructure.

If any of those apply, we have good news – You do have options.

Depending on your specific requirements, you may be able to choose from one of the following: Uncontended VDSL, Bonded VDSL or a Contended SDSL. However, if you’re looking for a solution that will give you all the benefits of a leased line without any of the issues listed above, there’s only ever going to be one solution…

The only true alternative to a leased line is microwave internet

leased line alternative

Whether it is a site to site connection or an internet connection the best leased line alternative is microwave internet. With speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, low latency along with reliability and availability exceeding 99.99% a microwave radio leased line alternative is a great option. A microwave radio deployed correctly will not be adversely impacted by poor weather as is the popular assumption.

A microwave internet solution (also known as microwave radio) can mirror all the benefits of a leased line. It’s uncontended, unmetered and dedicated to you. It can also be provided with very similar service level agreements and fix times. 

In many ways a microwave radio solution can be seen as preferable to a leased line because the microwave radio solution provider has much more control over the infrastructure it is delivered through. A service provider using Openreach or Virgin infrastructure is 100% reliant on those organisations to deliver for them, whereas a microwave radio provider can have a much higher degree of control and influence over the timescales to deliver a solution or rectify a fault. 

If any business or organisation has been quoted in excess of £5k in ECC’s it will almost certainly be worth investigating what options are available. They shouldn’t consider themselves compelled to swallow those type of ECC’s, its also worth remembering that if excess construction charges have been quoted (post survey), in nearly all cases you will have the chance to exit the contract without any financial penalty. 

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Leased Line Alternative (Microwave Internet) FAQs

Throughout the past 10+ years providing businesses with microwave internet, we have been asked a variety of questions. Here are some of the most common ones.

Is microwave internet cheaper than a leased line?

Yes, in most cases where you are asked to pay ECC’s, microwave internet will cost you less than a fibre leased line to get installed. And if upfront costs are a concern, you can choose to spread them over the term of the contract.

How fast is microwave internet? I heard leased lines are the best for download/upload speeds

Although it is commonly accepted that there is nothing better than a leased line, microwave internet is in fact one of the only internet solutions that matches a leased line in terms of upload and download speeds.

The fastest microwave internet connections can provide your business with a 10Gbps connection (upload and download), which is exactly the same as the fastest fibre leased lines.

What about interference from the weather?

Because microwave internet is delivered through the air, many of our customers had concerns about connectivity during poor weather conditions. What they quickly come to learn is their microwave internet connection isn’t affected by the weather in the slightest.

The only way microwave internet could be affected by the weather is if the connection hasn’t been set up properly or if the weather hasn’t been taken into account during the design stage – and that’s not an issue any of our customers will ever experience.

How does it compare to a leased line in terms of installation times?

It’s much quicker. For example, if you were to use our microwave internet services we would be able to get your connection setup in as little as 28 days from the date of order. When you contrast this to the 2-3 months it can take to get a leased line installed – microwave internet is clearly a better choice for businesses who need a solution now.

My business is in a rural location, can I still get microwave internet?

Yes. APC Solutions are able to provide your business with an Ultrafast, uncontended and interference-free microwave internet connection anywhere you need it. We are one of the only microwave internet providers who offer full UK coverage and have helped hundreds of businesses with our lightning fast internet solutions in even the most rural of locations.

One of the biggest benefits to getting a microwave internet connection instead of a fibre leased line is that with microwave internet, you aren’t going to have to pay thousands on excess construction charges.

Would microwave internet be a suitable backup to my existing leased line?

Yes. In fact, we believe microwave internet is the best backup connection for a fibre leased line – even better than a second leased line connection! And that’s not just because microwave internet is often much cheaper. The real reason microwave internet serves as a better backup connection than a second leased line (known as diverse routing) is because even though the provider may tell you the lines are independent, leased lines often meet or cross at some point. This means that your main leased line and your second backup leased line could both go out at the exact same time if there was an issue further up the line. This is a problem you will not face with microwave internet, as it works completely independent from your leased line connection.

Plus if there’s ever a fault in the exchange building your leased line is connected to, your microwave internet backup will switch on and keep your business connected at all times.

This gives you the peace of mind that if your primary leased line connection was to go down – your employees and customers wouldn’t even notice a difference.

Not Sure If Microwave Internet Is Right For Your Business?

APC Solutions Team

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