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Excess Construction Charges

Don’t Pay Excess Construction Charges (ECC’s)! Do This Instead…

If you’ve been quoted over £5,000 for excess construction charges or you’re concerned about the amount of time it’s going…

Leased Line vs DSL

Leased Line vs DSL

It can be difficult to know whether your business needs a leased line or a DSL connection, so we’ve put…

What Is Microwave Internet

What is Microwave Internet?

Key Benefits More Reliable Than a Leased Line Because the connection is made wirelessly via microwaves, your connection doesn’t rely on…

Internet Failure

Don’t Let Internet Failure “Slam The Brakes” On Your Business

PETER DRUCKER once said: “The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths in ways that make a…

bespoke wifi

Bespoke WiFi

Is your business looking for a bespoke WiFi solution? One that’s fast and accessible throughout your entire premises? We’ve been…

SD WAN world graphic

What Is SD WAN?

A Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD WAN) is a way of changing or configuring your WAN network beyond the…

Dedicated Line

What Is A Dedicated Line?

A dedicated line is an internet connection that’s not shared with other users. They are most commonly used by businesses…

Fast Broadband Carmarthenshire

Fast Broadband Deals Now Available in Carmarthenshire

We provide fast home broadband deals throughout much of Carmarthenshire. To check coverage in your area click on the button…

Fast Broadband Pembrokeshire

Fast Broadband Deals Now Available in Pembrokeshire

We provide fast broadband deals throughout Pembrokeshire. To check our coverage in your area, click the button below. Check Coverage…

Free Printable WiFi Password Signs (poster template downloads)

Free Printable WiFi Password Signs (poster template downloads)

Looking for some professional WiFi password templates you can print out and use in your business? Here’s a selection of…

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If it is an Internet connection you require, the property where the service will be installed must have a UK postcode

If you require services for a residential property, please be aware that we only provide residential grade wireless Internet services in the Essex area.

We do however provide business-grade services in residential properties across the UK. Please be advised the cost to provide this service exceeds the standard monthly costs for domestic internet connection and a suitable business level budget is required.

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