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Case Studies

APC Solutions brings wireless connectivity to the Carmarthen community

In early 2011 APC Solutions won the Carmarthen Community Broadband Partnership (CCBP) tender in South Wales to install a wireless broadband network throughout the Carmarthen community. APC Solutions worked in partnership with local service provider ResQ IT.  The aim of the Partnership was to provide a high speed Broadband service to those communities within the county where a reliable broadband service is not currently available. Initially, the service will run at a speed of 4.5Mbps but it is capable of faster speeds as and when circumstances require.

The challenge

Due to the extensive distance the network needed to cover, over 50km in places, point to point wireless technology was implemented. Using the Motorola PTP 800 licensed solution with a combination of licensed frequencies which are supplied by OFCOM, together with Motorola PTP 250 for the last mile connectivity, a throughput in excess of 100Mbs across the entire backhaul network was achieved with the flexibility of increasing the link throughput if required in the future without the expense of replacing the equipment.

Speaking about the project, Rob Turner, ResQ Director, comments: APC is the perfect partner to help us complete the installations across Carmarthenshire. Their wireless expertise is second to none and, coupled with our ISP and domestic knowledge, ensured the project was completed effectively, on budget and on time.”

Our solution

The solution was to move away from conventional copper telephone lines and to install a wireless system which will eventually cover the whole of the County. The wireless service is brought to the community (including outlying properties) via a series of existing radio towers located throughout Wales. Several small radio antennas are strategically placed throughout the community, typically one for each 20 properties. A small receiver (box) is mounted on the outside of each property which receives the wireless signal. A cable is run from the “box” to a router within the property enabling the residents to receive high bandwidth, wireless internet.

The result

The wireless broadband system resulted in broadband speeds comparable to those available in urban communities. Wireless broadband will enable customers to access the full range of services including email, web surfing, “Skype” communication, internet banking, streaming live television and previous TV programs provided by the BBC via “iPlayer” and provided on demand by the other major UK television channels.

No other supplier could provide consistent, high bandwidth, coverage across such vast distances, in the required timescales and within the required budget, it was for this reason that a wireless solution was chosen and provided a low cost highly reliable network.

Chris Lynch, Group Technical Director, comments: “We, at APC, think the CCBP is an excellent scheme to enable the Carmarthen community to join the wireless revolution. For too long, rural areas have had to go without high speed, reliable broadband due to the complexity and cost of traditional fibre connectivity. “Now, with wireless technology, distances as far as 250km apart can still be connected even over difficult terrain, where line of sight isn’t possible, even links over water can be connected successfully with today’s cutting edge wireless solutions.  The project was rolled out in two phases during 2011 and 2012 and after the success of the first two phases; we look forward to expanding the network in 2015.

“Further to the fantastic reliability, the cost savings of a wireless network are also impressive. The initial outlay by the Welsh Assembly can be recouped within just a few years. And, with minimal on-going maintenance charges, the network delivers the most cost effective broadband on the market.”

APC continue to support the solution across South Wales.

The Welsh assembly hope to expand the project to cover further rural areas throughout 2015, with future phases already in the planning process.

For more information on the project please visit www.ccbp.org.uk

For more information on APC Solutions please visit www.apcsolutionsuk.com

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