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Case Studies

Braintree Town Football Club

APC Solutions is proud to sponsor Braintree Town Football Club and support the local community by offering free Wi-Fi for those attending matches at the town’s local club. Braintree Town is part of the Football Conference League, and wanted to offer their supporters and visitors free Wi-Fi when visiting their club.  The areas included their seated and standing viewing areas, their main clubhouse, office areas and function rooms.

The challenge        

Braintree Town Football Club needed to ensure both the home and away stands could offer free Wi-Fi access. They also needed to ensure that the Wi-Fi be password protected with separate access codes for the corporate boardroom areas to the stands. Finally, they required the visitor access within the stands be capped by speed but the corporate areas remain, unlimited.

Our solution

APC worked with Braintree Town FC to offer a solution that would deliver high speed Wi-Fi access around the club grounds. To deliver this solution, APC utilised the Ruckus 7363 and 7372 access points along with the Ruckus 1100 series Zone Director. The solution delivered Wi-Fi access throughout the viewing areas and within the internal offices and clubhouse buildings.  Visitors to the club can now follow their clubs success via social media, send emails and generally connect to the Internet, for free, using any wireless enabled device.

Commenting on the solution, Group Sales Director, David Bell: “APC Solutions head office is based in Kelvedon, just 6 miles away from the Braintree Town Football Club.  APC already sponsors a local under elevens youth team, The Great Notley Falcons, and we are delighted to be able to support our local town’s team”.

“Internet connectivity has become a part of everyday life. It is very unusual to visit a venue without Wi-Fi these days; most businesses and public places now provide Wi-Fi to its guests and staff.  In the time of social media where match results are tweeted way before they appear on team sites or match profiles, it is vital clubs can offer their supporters the chance to tweet, share and comment as the game happens. Clubs also need to ensure their function room facilities are up to speed for those visiting the ground on corporate matters. Conducting a meeting without high speed, reliable wireless access is near impossible in today’s tech savvy times. Now, Braintree Town FC can offer visitors, such as spectators or corporate guests free Internet access, but they can also track the usage and see just how many visitors are utilising the service. They also have the opportunity to support their local partners and sponsors by opening their network up to advertising should they wish.  We were delighted to be involved in a great project benefiting the community and supporters of the local club.”

The result

Braintree Town Football Club is now fully connected and visitors to the ground are already utilising the service to great effect with both the club members and visitors accessing the free Wi-Fi. Commenting on the installation, Alan Stuckey Braintree Town’s Sales and Marketing Director, comments: “We’re delighted we can now offer our supporters free Wi-Fi. Our supporters are highly dedicated and with many followers on Twitter alone, we had to ensure they could stay connected during and after the games. Having guest access in our clubhouse and functions rooms also ensures our meetings can run efficiently. The ability to track the usage of the Wi-Fi and offer a password protected corporate network is further testament to the great service APC Solutions has provided us with.”

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