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Case Studies

Choice Discount Stores

Choice is a discount fashion and home company boasting 18 stores around South East  England. The stores stock famous brands at discounted prices of up to 70% off the original high street retail price.

The challenge

Choice’s main distribution centre is located in Rayleigh, Essex, housing the company’s entire range which is distributed to its 18 stores. Due to the expansion of its product range, Choice needed additional warehousing space. A new warehouse was identified just a short distance away, roughly 200 meters. Choice called on APC to provide a wireless solution which would seamlessly connect the two warehouses and enable Choice to communicate both voice and data between the two locations.  The wireless network would aid with the management and distribution of stock and merchandise to its stores.

Our solution

APC designed, deployed and commissioned a Motorola PTP 300 solution to connect the two warehouse locations back in January 2011. Due to the location of the new warehouse, just 200 meters away but surrounded by other industrial units, the PTP link provided a true none line of sight requirement. The solution would offer Choice a near perfect connection of over 99.99% availability and in excess of 20Mbs of bandwidth.

The result

Due to the difficult location of the link, no other products could have provided the seamless and reliable connection the Motorola PTP300 did. An alternative fixed line solution could have taken months to approve and deploy and could have cost in excess of three times more for a lesser service delivery.

APC’s solution offers ROI in under 12 months, saving the company in excess of £20k over the space of three years. The solution also offers in excess of 20Mbs of bandwidth allowing Choice to not only use the connection to transfer critical stock data but also manage their calls using VoIP, again, saving the company money on standard call plans.

Speaking about the installation for Choice, Group Technical Director, Chris Lynch, comments: “APC always likes a challenge. When you hear the two connecting sites are just 200 meters apart, you may think, great, an easy installation. However, this is not always the case as the Choice project proved. Due to their buildings being situated on an industrial area, various neighbouring premises obstructed the line of sight between their buildings.  It was for this reason we designed and deployed the solution using the Motorola PTP300 equipment. The Motorola PTP range is capable of delivering connectivity in the most demanding environments, when there are obstructions in the path or high levels of noise in the area.  It was for this reason we utilised the Motorola solution.

Choice needed to ensure both of their warehouses worked seamlessly and could not afford any downtime. Downtime or outages cost money and would stop merchandise being distributed to its stores. APC’s comprehensive service level agreement helps ensure that, in the highly unlikely event of any downtime, the problem can usually be resolved remotely and often within in an hour of the call being logged with its support desk”.

In early December 2012 Choice decided to increase its disaster recover procedures.  Choice approached APC to discuss a backup and resilient link which would not only complement the existing solution, but also provide a rapid fail over in the event of an issue occurring. APC deployed a secondary Motorola PTP300 resilient link between the two warehouse locations; the resilient link operated in a different frequency band, providing additional comfort from noise or local interference.  The final solution provided additional confidence to Choice that a resilient solution was available if any equipment was to fail.

Chris continues: “APC looks forward to maintaining its relationship with Choice and expanding its network further as the company continues to grow. Choice now has exceptional connectivity between its two locations and can continue to grow and develop its business in total confidence.”

For more information on APC Solutions, please visit https://www.apcsolutionsuk.com/

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