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Case Studies

Dr. Pretorius, Phase three & four, Rustenburg, South Africa

After the successful installation and deployment of the first two phases to connect the local Medi Clinics with the radiology departments and local hospitals, APC Solutions was asked to deploy the third and fourth phases of the project.

Our solution

To complete the final phases of connectivity and ensure the whole area could receive, transfer and manage their files, one final doctor and hospital had to be added to the network. Generally, point to point line of site technology can be used to link buildings wirelessly. However, this final connection proved more difficult due to the placement of a large hill between the final two sites. Luckily, Motorola’s non line of site technology allowed APC to install a successful link. Two Motorola PTP500 lite links and one PTP250 link were connected to achieve maximum band width and connectivity delivering in excess of 100Mbs.

The result

This final phase has seamlessly connected all of the local Medi Clinics, radiology departments and doctor’s homes enabling them to transfer large data files, including X-Rays of over 90Mb, patient’s medical files and accounting information between them.

Previously, doctors had to rely on a courier network to transfer data on disks between the sites. Not only did this mean the patient was left waiting for important results, it also meant budgets were eaten up with courier costs.

Files can now be uploaded and viewed in 25 seconds at any of the network sites. Additionally, the network now allows the sites to use VoIP allowing for clear transmissions and interactivity.

All of the departments, Medi Clinics and home surgeries can now work as an integrated unit thanks to APC Solutions wireless network.