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Case Studies

Hendy Motor Group

The Hendy Motor Group has in excess of twenty premises across the south coast of the UK. The dealerships stretch over 190km from Exeter to Chichester, with the Head Office located in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. Hendy has come a long way from the small bicycle repair shop it opened in Whitchurch in 1852. Today the Hendy Group manages over 700 staff and handles over £200m worth of business per annum.

The challenge

Hendy required a wireless solution to replace its MPLS network. The existing network, which had bandwidth limitations and expensive recurring costs, couldn’t deliver the service that was required across the dealerships. The Hendy Group needed a future proof, streamlined solution that was capable of meeting its growing demands for fast, reliable connectivity for VOIP and Data applications.

Vast physical distances and challenging terrain between the dealerships needed to be addressed along with the added challenges of man-made and natural obstructions along the radio path. These challenges resulted in near line of sight or in some cases, non-line of sight conditions. Careful consideration had to be given when planning for the correct solution and products for the job.


Each dealership required at least a 50Mbs connection for its centralised applications within its private network, with a high availability exceeding 99.99%.

Our solution

APC planned and designed a solution, which would deliver the required bandwidth between all of the required Hendy Group sites.   APC created the solution using the Motorola portfolio of products. Advanced planning techniques and software where used to create a desktop model of the network prior to carrying out any physical site surveys.

APC’s next stage was to survey the Hendy Group’s sites and test the proposed wireless.   Using the APC fleet of mobile masts and MeWPS (Mobile Elevating Working Platforms), APC was able to carry out a full physical site survey of all the proposed backhaul links within several weeks.  The findings and captured results allowed amendments to be made before presenting a final design and presentation to John Hendy, Group Systems and Resources Director.

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