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Case Studies

LaFarge Cement

The name LaFarge is known globally for the manufacture of cement and related   products for the construction industry.  LaFarge Cement is the UK’s largest           cement manufacturer, supplying approximately fifty per cent of the market. Working in a notoriously difficult arena, LaFarge has shown its committed to environmental standards and won a ‘Business in the Community’ award for excellence in 2007.

The requirement was to provide connectivity between a new building on a quarry site in Wales with existing offices some distance away but within line of sight.  However, during the time between the initial enquiry and the project being awarded to APC Solutions, the situation had changed.  LaFarge had used the land between the two sites as an area to deposit wastage from the manufacturing process, meaning that the two locations were blocked and no longer in sight.

APC Solutions elected to use a third party power station as a reflector to bounce   the signal and thereby overcome the problem.  Engineers from APC tested the viability of the link prior to installation, finding it to be highly reliable and fit for    purpose. The Motorola Point to Point products they used are the only solution in situations like these where obstructions mean that line of sight connectivity is    compromised.