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Case Studies


Poundland was established in April 1990 with funds provided by the multi-million pound sale of an international wholesaling business.  It now has over 400 stores nationwide covering most of the nation’s high streets featuring a selections of the nation’s best loved brands at just £1 each.

The challenge

Poundland needed to ensure it had a 100% reliable link between its distribution centre and a Data Centre. The company could not afford a moment’s downtime, as the link is vital for communication between the stores, ensuring all stores receive the correct amount of stock and allowing new stock to be ordered according to customer demand. The link would also be used to transfer day-to-day data and manage the company’s internal Internet infrastructure.

Our solution

APC’s team designed a solution that utilised the Motorola PTP800 Point to Point licensed radio equipment. As this was a licensed solution, APC planned and applied for the relevant OFCOM approvals and designed the solution to meet the exact client’s requirements.

There was already a British Telecom leased line installed to the distribution centre; however, Poundland needed the backup and resilience of an alternative carrier’s solution, using alternative methods of delivery.  The wireless solution would act as a back up and ensure there was zero downtime or outages should the BT leased line fail at any time.

APC installed a Motorola PTP800 licensed radio link which delivered in excess of 100Mbs full duplex of speed. The link would guarantee Poundland almost a 100% reliability and absolute confidence that they would always receive connectivity to their 400 plus stores around the country.  The wireless link also has the ability to be software upgraded at any time in the future by using a simple licence key upgrade to achieve up to 768Mbs full duplex. The licence key can be added within minutes, thus allowing the solution to be scalable and grow with the businesses requirements.

The result

APC installed the complete solution in just one day delivering a near perfect connection, offering 99.999% availability for the customer.  With APC providing a full turnkey solution from the design, planning, surveying, deployment and finally a service level agreement, Poundland knew they were in safe hands from the start to the finished delivered project.

Speaking about the installation Chris Lynch, APC Solutions Group Technical Director comments: “It’s rare our solutions are used as a backup to fibre installations but in this case it delivered the ultimate in security for a company which could not afford a moment’s downtime. The high-speed link travelled an alternative path to the fibre link ensuring no outside factors could contribute to the company being unable to secure a connection. We’re delighted with the overall result and hope to work with Poundland on future projects.”

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