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Case Studies

Rochford Council

APC established its relationship with Rochford Council in 2011. As the local authorities preferred supplier, its initial project was to provide a Point-to-Point solution that would provide connectivity between the Rochford and Rayleigh Council offices.

The challenge                        

The link would need to cover a distance of 6.9 km’s and would be deemed a near to non-line of site link, due to the topology of the terrain between each site. The link needed to provide high bandwidth capacity, which could manage VoIP, data and a consistent connection with minimal downtime.

Our solution

APC designed and produced a solution model using its desktop analysis techniques for the client. From this, APC recommended a Cambium PTP 500 (leased line replacement product), which would provide the councils with a private network between the locations. In addition to this main link, a further local Point to Multipoint Cambium Canopy network was installed locally at Rochford. This would provide connectivity between buildings within the council grounds. The Point to Multipoint connectivity was to act as a backup to the already installed cabled network. This would therefore ensure total resilience of the local area connections across the network. Both of the wireless solutions, Point to Multipoint and the Point-to-Point links offer in excess of 99.99% availability.

In June 2013, Rochford Council contacted APC with reference to the building where the current link was installed. The building was due to be sold and it was vital the link between Rochford and Raleigh Council premises remained in place.  An alternative flat roof on a different council owned building was selected as the new location for the ODU (Outdoor Unit). However, the new roof was at a much lower height than the original mounting height. In order to accommodate for this while still ensuring an excellent link was retained, APC designed, built and installed a structure, which would be at 15 meters from ground level to achieve the same height as the previous location.

The result

APC successfully installed and integrated the initial connectivity requirement, but also, subsequently, demonstrated the unparalleled flexibility of these solutions by moving the network for the client. While doing this, APC still delivered an exceptional level or service and unrivalled bandwidth between the two building locations. The council offices now experience second to none connectivity and are confident their network will remain protected and fully functional thanks to their network being supported by a comprehensive SLA agreement provided by APC.

Chris Lynch, Group Technical Director comments: “The Rochford project proved to be two fold. The initial installation over delivered to the clients expectations offering bandwidth in excess of 20Mbps and unrivalled connectivity across the distances required. The second phases of the project, building the base station / Point to Multiple Points network, ensured all additional council buildings, within a close proximity to the main council site, could be fully integrated and operate across the same network. This ensured the council not only saved money from traditional cabled telecommunication providers, but also experienced a high level of customer service, thanks to the integration of the data system across all council buildings.

The final phase of the project, moving the link, proved challenging. The close proximity of the building to the main high street in Rochford, meant APC could not use standard rigging equipment to deploy the solution. Instead, APC had to utilise an alternative specialist mobile elevating platform, which would enable them to work from another side of the building. This enabled APC to leave the high street free for traffic, and avoid the need for traffic management. This is just another way APC looks to achieve the very best outcome for its clients by being sensitive to their needs.”

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