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Case Studies

Syncreon Harley Davidson

Syncreon is a specialised provider of integrated logistics services to a variety of global industries. It provides supply chain solutions designed and customised to achieve maximum flexibility and agility for its customers including leading brands Dell Computers, Apple Inc and Harley Davidson.

APC Solutions established its relationship with Syncreon back in June 2005 and has since deployed projects across the UK, Europe and America.

The challenge

Due to increased production of Harley Davidson parts, Syncreon needed to relocate its distribution centre to larger premises. It took over the old Caterpillar production plant which needed extensive remodelling and construction. Syncreon needed to ensure connectivity was maintained between the old and new premises as any downtime would result in stock, data and logistics problems. The connection also needed to be temporary with no lengthy contract commitments.

Our solution

APC designed, a temporary point to point wireless solution which would maintain a perfect connection between the two sites ensuring a smooth transition between the two locations.

Installing primary and back up Cambium (PTP) Point to Point 500 Lite links, APC supplied 20Mbs of continued data throughput.

The solution could also be removed at any point, there are no expensive monthly contracts as there is with a fixed line alternative, and once installed, the solution belongs to Syncreon; allowing the equipment to be re-used for any projects in the future.

The distribution centre ships Harley Davidson parts across the United States with parts constantly being requested, it was vital the transition between the two locations went without a hitch, using both a primary and back up link achieved this. Data, stock control and VoIP, ensured that both locations could work simultaneously during the transition.

The result

Within three days, APC had surveyed, deployed and tested the links between the two premises. From the initial call to final deployment took just weeks, compared to a fixed line alternative, which would have taken months to secure and come with lengthy contact terms, APC’s solution provided Syncreon with substantial time and cost savings.

APC designed the solution to neatly integrate in to the existing network infrastructure, allowing remote monitoring and support 365/24/7 by both the Syncreon IT team and the APC NOC (Network Operations Centre).

APC worked with Syncreon’s head office in Ireland to ensure a suitable connection could be installed. APC utilised its global platform to ensure communication could happen at any time of day by ensuring both its UK and US teams were involved in the project.

Speaking about the project, Group Technical Director, Chris Lynch, comments: “Having worked with Syncreon for over eight years, we know their expectations. The connection between the two sites needed to be seamless to ensure the distribution centres could continue to work with no downtime. In order to provide a perfect link, APC recommended a backup service to be installed, this would ensure there was no downtime and if one link happened to go down, the other would continue to keep the site connected.

The solution also needed to be temporary, which is the beauty of a wireless connection. Having an international team also allowed the UK team to work with Syncreon’s Head Office in Ireland to complete the groundwork. This left the US team free to deploy the connection quickly.

It’s always flattering when a client approaches us about its future projects and asks for our assistance. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Syncreon and assisting them with their future international projects.”


For more information on APC Solutions, please visit https://www.apcsolutionsuk.com/

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