APC Solutions
The Cloud Based Phone System That's: Easy-To-Use, Future-Proofed and Flexible

Future-Proofed For Any Business

Supports businesses of all sizes, whether you have 1 employee or 249,000 employees. Because unlike other business VoIP solutions – you only pay for what you need.

Make & Receive Calls From Anywhere

Because calls are delivered via the internet, you and your entire team can place and receive calls from anywhere in the world - and your customers wouldn’t notice a difference.

Keep Your Existing Phone Number(s)

You won’t have to waste any time informing suppliers, customers or online profiles of your new phone number, as you can keep your existing number(s) at a one-off fee of just £10 per number.

Your Customers Will Love You For It

Customers will enojoy a jitter-free conversation, without the call randomly disconnecting. And you’ll be able to see how well staff are performing on the phone via your call recordings (which has storage for up to 10 years).

Your Team Will Love You For It

We make it easy for your team to work together, no matter where abouts in the world they are. They’ll even be able to use their own personal mobiles to place work calls through a mobile app when they're away from the office.

Integrates with Skype for Business

Fully integrates with Skype for Business, allowing you to combine the functionality provided by an enterprise telephone system with Skype for Business’s core features, such as video and instant messaging.