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The Cloud

APC deploys a variety of cloud based solutions which include Guest Access, Internal Wi-fi, Leased Line Replacement and Hosted IP telephone systems.

Compared to traditional hardware-based solutions, cloud networking is very simplistic. The cloud enables businesses to deploy remote locations and operate distributed networks while maintaining centralised control and network visibility.

Cloud-based networks only require an internet connection and work over any physical infrastructure, wired or wireless, public or private. CBN has the added benefit of not requiring any additional hardware beyond that required for internet connectivity.

Cloud networks are similar to a virtual private network (VPN) because they enable users to securely access files, printers, applications, etc. from anywhere in the world, on any device. However, cloud networks are multi-tenant private virtual cloud networks that overlay the Internet. Each virtual cloud network functions like a borderless LAN and provides fully switched, any-to-any connectivity between servers, PCs, and mobile devices from anywhere. NaaS delivery means that traditional operational aspects of building and managing a VPN such as topology, traffic engineering, capacity planning, high-availability, and the network operation center (NOC), are performed by the cloud network operator and not the customer.

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