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wifi for care homes

The importance of digital inclusion for older members of our community is greater than ever. One fifth of the UK population are now over 65, and that proportion will start increasing at a rate faster than ever.  As the years go by, ever more people within this age group will have been involved in careers and lives that relied upon digital technology. As they enter retirement, and then old age, they will need to continue communicating and accessing information as they always have.

Even now, those that are already advanced in years, although not previously involved in communications no further advanced than newspapers, terrestrial television and letters that have actually been handwritten, will welcome the new technology. iPads and tablets presenting the news with no need to turn pages; texts and emails that can turn speech into words, and a whole plethora of old time TV programmes and Films available at any time; these will become vital tools for life enrichment.

That leaves us with not only an ageing population, but one with an ever increasing requirement  for online technology. All this technology is already data hungry, and the appetites will only become voracious.

Care Homes & Nursing Homes Need WiFi More Than Ever!

With the expected increase in Care Residencies, and currently, less than 20% of care homes providing readily accessible Wifi, and of that proportion, the most part with domestic only grade hardware and bandwidth,  the decisions made when selecting Homes, will depend upon, more than ever, the quality of Connectivity, throughout the Care Home experience.

Now is the time for care homes and nursing homes to start applying the infrastructure that will satisfy the new brand of tech-savvy elderly persons. Whether it be the availability and quality of a robust and reliable data link to the premises, or the successful distribution and access to the broadband availability by management, staff, residents and visitors, it is time to get APC Wifi on the case for you.

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