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Construction Site Broadband: Avoid The 4G Mistake

Construction Site Broadband

If your construction site needs broadband, make sure the provider you choose isn’t lumbering you with a 4G connection

Most companies who offer construction site broadband are really offering a 4G internet connection that’s shared with anyone using “mobile data” on their mobile phone.

Making 4G Dreadfully Slow During Peak Hours

This is one of the most common reasons why construction sites fail to meet their deadlines.

Having: staff sat waiting for CAD files download, limited access to the BIM or even missing security alerts is far from ideal.

But it’s very common when relying on a shared network that’s open for anyone to use like 4G.

And because it’s shared with countless other people, you have to pay for every megabyte you use.

Making 4G Expensive When Using Lots Of Data

Such as the BIM or CCTV. These two applications alone will burn through countless gigabytes of data every single day.

The costs add up quickly, leaving you with an expensive bill for an internet connection that barely got you through your project.

And the worst part? No company selling 4G as “construction site broadband” can offer an SLA (service level agreement).

Meaning You Cannot Depend On 4G

Without a service level agreement, you’ve got no guarantee your construction site will have broadband during your project.

And if something was to go wrong, it can take months to get it fixed.

Why? Because companies who sell 4G don’t own the network. They simply set you up to rent from it.

4G Isn’t Suitable, but there’s something MUCH better…

Every site manager knows about 4G’s issues, but some still don’t know there’s a new broadband connection called “Microwave Internet” that’s gained a huge amount of popularity on construction sites over the past two years.

Like 4G, Microwave Internet is a temporary wireless broadband connection that can be installed in just a few weeks.

But unlike 4G, it’s 100% dedicated to your site. Meaning it will always run fast when you need it.

And unlike the slow download and upload speeds you get with 4G, you can get up to 10Gbps download and upload speeds – which is exactly the same speeds you get with a leased line.

Plus it’s unmetered, which means you don’t pay per megabyte like you do with 4G. Instead, you pay for the connection and use what you want (ensuring no unpleasant bill surprise for usage at the end of your project).

Always Check It’s Not 4G First

Some companies are upfront about the fact they are just using 4G, but others will avoid mentioning it at all. Which is why you always want to directly ask the provider if they’re using 4G or Microwave Internet.

If they’re not using Microwave Internet, you’re better off finding a company who does.

And if they try to convince you that 4G is a good solution for your site, you can show them this comparison table:

Microwave Internet4G
Download Speed:Up to 10GbpsUp to 80Mbps
Upload Speed:Up to 10GbpsUp to 10Mbps
Contract length:3 Days1 Day
Installation time:14 Days2 Days

When talking to a building site broadband provider, make sure they are using microwave internet, and not 4G

The Problem With Microwave Internet

Microwave Wireless Mast

Like all broadband connections, Microwave Internet isn’t without it’s limitations.

Although it’s considerably faster and more reliable than 4G, Microwave Internet isn’t available in some areas of the UK (if it was, every construction site would be using it)!

And the problem is, it’s completely dependent on whether there’s a Microwave Internet mast near your construction site.

If there is, you’re in luck! (otherwise you’re stuck with 4G)

To find out if it’s available for your construction site, use our free online coverage checker.

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