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Internet For Construction Sites
  • Up To 10Gbps Download Speeds
  • Fast Installation (28 Days)
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • More Reliable Than 4G
  • Less Outage Risks Than Fibre
  • Full UK Coverage
  • Dedicated & Uncontended Connection
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Construction Site Internet Solutions

APC Solutions supplies unmetered, interference-resistant microwave internet for construction projects across the UK.

Do you need a guaranteed internet connection to ensure your staff have consistent access to the BIM throughout your entire project? Are you looking for a solution that doesn’t leave your staff twiddling their thumbs whilst they wait for the connection to improve or files to download? If so, our microwave internet is most certainly for you.

Construction Site Internet Solutions

The success of your construction project relies heavily on the quality of your internet connection. Having worked with countless construction companies throughout the past 20 years, we are fully aware of the common connectivity issues facing the construction industry.

This is why many construction companies are now moving over to our microwave internet solutions.

Because unlike a 4G internet connection, our microwave internet is unmetered and gives you a dedicated connection to the internet that only you have access to. This makes our microwave internet more reliable, faster, and considerably cheaper for those that need to use a lot of data for their construction site. Applications like BIM (building information modelling) can be incredibly data intensive which can cost a lot of money over a 4G network. Microwave internet, on the other hand, is unlimited. Meaning you can use as much data as you like for a completely fixed fee.

And unlike a fibre internet connection, you’ll never have to worry about environmental changes breaking the cables throughout the duration of your project, as our microwave internet is delivered through the air. Plus, because we provide full UK coverage, you don’t have to spend thousands on excess construction charges. 

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“Our microwave internet is faster, cheaper, more reliable and simply better than any other solution for the construction industry.”

Internet For Construction Sites

Microwave Internet Benefits

Our microwave internet can be used as either a primary or backup solution for your construction project. Here are some of the ways your project will benefit from our microwave internet:

Fibre Like Speeds, Without The Outage Risks

Our microwave internet is the only true fibre alternative when it comes to download and upload speeds, the only real difference your business will notice when it comes to performance is that there is less chance of your internet going down due to environmental changes. Our microwave internet is delivered through the air and is fully protected against any issues that could be caused from weather fluctuations.

Full UK Coverage, Without Spending Thousands On ECC’s

We are one of the only microwave internet providers in the UK that offers full UK coverage and can deliver the same level of Ultra-Fast internet, anywhere you need it.

This saves you from spending thousands of pounds on ECC’s (Excess Construction Charges) when installing fibre – and gives you the exact same solution, just at a much lower cost.

Fast Installation (28 Days)

We have found the average turnaround time to get your construction site set up with an Ultra-Fast microwave internet connection is just 28 days from the date of order. This makes microwave internet perfect for those who need a solution fast.

Guaranteed, Ultra-Fast Internet Connection 24/7

Our microwave internet can deliver lightning fast download speeds of up to 10Gbps throughout the entire life of your project. You’ll never be affected by other people slowing down the network during busy hours, because you’ll have access to your own dedicated, uncontended connection to the internet.

“Microwave internet truly is the gold standard solution for construction sites in the UK.”

APC Solutions Team

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