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Don’t Let Working From Home DESTROY Your Business

Getting employees to work from home may be an important safety measure, but it doesn’t bode well for SME’s

Many small and medium-sized businesses do not have the ability to allow employees to successfully work from home.

And those that tried experienced the following problems:

  • Home internet is incredibly slow
    Making what’s usually a 5 minute task take up to an hour
  • Home internet has download limits
    Leaving employees completely unable to work and even getting fined by their ISP for going over their limit
  • Home internet has a limited number of connections
    Which means only a certain amount of devices can connect to the internet at one time. Once you reach your limit, people start getting kicked off the network.
  • Home internet cannot access servers located in the head office
    This prevents staff from accessing applications and software they need to successfully do their job.

What About Enhanced Home Internet Packages?

After realising there’s no way their business can run off their employees home internet, many business owners have tried enhanced home internet packages to see if that provides a viable solution.

The problem is, enhanced home internet wasn’t designed for temporary business use, which is why they typically lock you into expensive 2 year contracts.

Unless you plan for your employees to permanently work from home, enhanced home internet packages are the wrong decision for your business.

And That’s A Serious Problem…

working from home productivity
Employees are getting used to achieving less with their day

Because as all business owners realised when their staff were forced to work from home – home internet is too slow and unreliable to get any serious work done on.

Productivity levels have been plummeting across every business sector as employees get used to quick tasks taking up to 12 times as long to achieve.

The problem isn’t just slow internet – it’s the mind state it puts employees in when they’re having to get used to achieving less each day.

And when customers start to realise the service isn’t as good as it once was – they start to look elsewhere.

The truth is, your business needs to be more productive now than it ever was. You need to prove to your customers that they are working with the team that gets it done no matter what happens.

And if your company’s productivity is suffering right now, you’ve got a serious problem.

The Solution? Temporary Home Office Internet

Temporary Business Internet For Home
Give your team business grade internet direct to their home

It may sound too good to be true, but our latest product Temporary Home Office Internet gives your employees a business grade internet connection direct to their home on a temporary basis (without any lengthy contracts).

In many cases, the internet connection your team will receive to their home will be more reliable than you currently have in your office, as we combine multiple connections together to create a strong, fast and resilient internet connection.

Your team will have the ability to remote connect to any special software or applications you have on your head office servers – giving your staff minimal disruptions and maximum productivity.

Everything You Need Is Included & It Works On All Devices

All the equipment you need to get your team set up at home is included in the Temporary Home Office Internet package. And the minimum service period is just one month – meaning you don’t even have to make much of a financial commitment to protect your business.

Plus, it works right out the box! There’s no need for your employees to install any special software to connect their devices – Temporary Home Office Internet does it all for them. Whether it’s PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, Windows Tablet, Android or anything else – it’ll connect with no problems.

It also integrates perfectly with your existing IP phone systems, allowing your staff to take their phones home with them and continue work as normal.

And The Price Is Shockingly Low

Keep your employees happy
Keep your business open and employees happy

Temporary Home Office Internet could be priced at around £365 per month, per person and it would still be extremely profitable for most SME’s who understand how to calculate opportunity cost.

But we didn’t want to charge that much for it.

We wanted to give businesses of all size a realistic option that’ll get them through these difficult times without spending £365 per month on every employee that’s working from home.

Which is why it won’t even cost you HALF that!

In fact, after a small setup fee you can get Temporary Home Office Internet from as little as just £100 per month per person, depending on your location.

And there’s no long contracts. You can use our Temporary Home Office Internet package for as little as just one month. Giving your business the ability to stay open, continue making money and even grow!

Stay Profitable Throughout Self Isolation

This isn’t the first health crisis we’ve had in the UK, but it’s certainly the most frightening one we’ve had in recent years.

Your team are scared. They are scared for their own health, they are scared for their families health, and they are scared about their financial security.

Your job as their leader is to find a way that makes financial sense for them to continue work, while staying as safe as possible.

And in almost every scenario that means working from home with a solid internet connection that won’t let them down.

This is your best chance of staying profitable and keeping all employees and customers happy with your business throughout the self isolation period.

If you’d like to find out exactly how much it would cost per person to get Temporary Home Office Internet in your area, click the button below and enter your postcode.

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