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WiFi For Events
  • Connect Unlimited Devices
  • Ultra-Fast Download Speeds (Over 100Mbps!)
  • Unlimited Internet Usage
  • Safe & Secure WiFi Connection
  • Capture Huge Amounts Of GDPR Compliant Customer Data
  • Full UK Coverage
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Temporary WiFi For Events | Event WiFi Experts

Our event WiFi solutions have been specifically designed to match the needs of businesses hosting conferences, corporate events, red carpet premiers, sporting events, concerts, music festivals, exhibitions and more.

As internet usage has become a more integral part of life, so too has its importance at events. Our ultra-fast and reliable internet connections will ensure your event runs smoothly, and give your customers a better internet connection than they have at home.

Learn about your customers

We will provide you with bespoke guest Analytics reports that will show you data on things like your customers age and gender. As well as the contact details and social media profiles of guests who have opted into loyalty programs. We can also provide you with anonymous presence statistics on things like dwell time and footfall. And even if your guests do not optin to using your wireless connection, we can even provide data on them through their Wi-Fi enabled devices. When it comes to guest analytics, you will not find a better service than that offered by APC Solutions.

Ability to charge for access

Our temporary Wi-Fi for events package allows you to charge for access to your internet connection if you wish. You can choose how much you want to charge or if you want to charge at all. What’s more, you can even set certain websites to be free of charge and others to require payment, which can be taken through a variety of methods.

Full control over your events internet connection

You tell us your requirements, and we will make it happen. Whether you want to block access to unsuitable websites through your internet connection or limit bandwidth usage to ensure your guests do not abuse the system – it’s all easily achieved through our events Wi-Fi package. Plus you can also have separate access for guests and staff through the same internet connection.

Unparalleled internet speed – anywhere you need it

To most people in 2023, there is nothing worse than slow internet. And for events being held in rural locations, it’s all too common. A lot of internet providers can get you internet where you need it, but your customers will not thank you for it. When you use APC Solutions, we guarantee you ultra-fast internet speeds of over 100Mbps, wherever you need it.

In fact, our temporary WiFi for events is so fast – you could even live stream your entire event online in full 4k definition, without any delays or buffering.

Cast iron security systems

Our internet connection is safe, secure and has everything in place to prevent hackers accessing your network and stealing your data – allowing you to run your event safely in the knowledge that the right protection has been implemented to mitigate the effects of any attacks.

We also separate your guest and staff internet connections through the use of a “VLAN” (Virtual Local Area Network), which shares the same WiFi infrastructure but creates two completely separate connections.

Wide range of options to best suit your event

We offer a wide range of options to best suit the needs of your business’ event. We offer everything from the standard 4G solution, all the way up to high-speed microwave internet services that are comparable to having a dedicated uncontended and un-metered leased line – depending on your requirements and budget. We provide indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi Solutions to provide your guests with a strong and reliable connection to the internet at all times.

Rapid deployment

We can get your Wi-Fi for events set up and ready to go in under 7 days. All you need to do is tell us your requirements, and our expert team will get everything set up, so you don’t have to. Plus if there is anything you’re not sure about, we also offer free advice with no obligation.

Fully compliant with all UK laws

Our events Wi-Fi package is fully compliant with all current UK laws. This allows you to use our services without having to worry about doing anything wrong or breaking any laws.

All of our work is complient with Ofcom Regulations, and when it comes to GDPR – we’ve got you covered. All software (including our guest analytics software) is fully compliment with GDPR legislation.

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APC Solutions Team

If you would like a free quote on temporary WiFi for your event, get in touch with our team today. We can create a bespoke package to best suit your needs and budget, and offer free advice and help with no obligation. Simply click the button below to get started today.

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WiFi for outdoor events

Wi-Fi for outdoor events

Getting Wi-Fi for outdoor events used to be a lot of hassle. But we make it easier than ever. And not only do we make it easier, we make it faster than ever too! You can now get over 100Mbps from the most rural locations in the UK. This is achieved through the use of our microwave internet connections. Your guests will love the speed and you’ll love the control you have over the network.

WiFi for festivals

WiFi for festivals

We’re all careful about using up too much of our mobile data, so make it easy for customers to share videos and pictures of your festival to their social media through our ultra-fast internet. And the best part? You’ll be gaining access to massive amounts of customer data while they’re doing it! Your customers will love the internet speeds, and you’ll love the free publicity and guest analytics.

WiFi for corporate events

WiFi for corporate events

A bad internet connection can ruin a corporate event. Do not rely on a poor connection and hope for the best. Always use microwave internet to ensure no hiccups are made during your event. Plus make a great impression by providing your guests with ultra-fast internet connectivity all day long, allowing them to access their emails and browse the internet.

Whatever type of event you need WiFi for – APC Solutions do it best.

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