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Don’t Pay Excess Construction Charges (ECC’s)! Do This Instead…

If you’ve been quoted over £5,000 for excess construction charges or you’re concerned about the amount of time it’s going to take to get your leased line installed – you’ll be very pleased you found this page.

What Are Excess Construction Charges?

Excess Construction Charges

Excess construction charges, commonly referred to as ECC’s, are the additional costs Openreach would like you to pay to install your leased line.

These charges cover construction works such as: installing cables underground, drilling through walls, digging up roads and more.

Put simply, they need you to pay for them to install a physical fibre cable from the nearest exchange to your premises.

Here’s What They Don’t Tell You…

leased line installation

In most cases, there’s absolutely no need to rely on fibre cables to get a leased line into your business. 

Wireless leased lines do exactly the same job as fibre leased lines, they’re just faster and cheaper to install.

They use “Microwave Internet” to deliver the exact same speeds and reliability, but they do it without the need for physical cables. 

What To Do Next

Microwave Internet’s availability in the United Kingdom has improved significantly in recent years due to the increase in demand.

Most businesses don’t want to spend thousands on ECC’s, when Microwave Internet does the same job.

Find out if Microwave Internet is available in your location, by clicking on the button below and entering your business’s postcode into the coverage checker at the top of this page.

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