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WiFi For Holiday Parks
  • Full Holiday Park Coverage
  • Ultrafast Internet Speeds
  • Strong Robust Connection
  • Increase Positive Reviews On TripAdvisor
  • Increase Lifetime Value Of Guests
  • Over 20 Years' Experience
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Holiday Park WiFi Solutions | Caravan Park WiFi

Improve your customer satisfaction with our reliable holiday park WiFi

Having a solid WiFi connection in your holiday park has never been more important than it is right now, with many travellers claiming internet access to be one of the most important factors they take into account when determining where to stay.

In 2023 and beyond, your customers don’t just want a connection to the internet – they expect the same level of internet connection at your holiday park as they have at their home. They expect to be able to watch Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, make telephone calls, video calls and more – all through your internet.

But the truth is, simply providing them with the standard WiFi solutions most providers have to offer isn’t going to be able to give them what they want.

This results in bad reviews online from frustrated guests and potentially hundreds of customers not booking at your holiday park at all – simply because you do not have a reliable WiFi connection.

Most WiFi providers will tell you that there is nothing they can do to improve the connectivity of your holiday park WiFi. They will say one of the following excuses: your site is too large, you’re in a rural area, there’s too many trees in the way, your WiFi is being affected by the weather or it’s too difficult to get WiFi through the metal walls of a caravan.

However, at APC Solutions – we do things differently.

We are one of the only companies in the UK that guarantees full holiday park WiFi coverage at internet speeds that don’t just match your guests expectations – but surpasses them by a country mile!

In fact, our WiFi solutions provide internet speeds that are so fast – your entire holiday park could be live streaming their entire stay 24/7 and your internet wouldn’t even buffer.

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How We Provide The Ultimate WiFi For Holiday Parks

The Ultimate WiFi For Holiday Parks

We have identified that the majority of holiday parks face very similar issues when it comes to WiFi connectivity. There are a number of problems you may be experiencing which cannot be solved by the standard WiFi solutions available from most companies.

If you have a current WiFi connection that is performing poorly, it is most likely caused because WiFi doesn’t travel through the metal walls of a caravan very well. This results in slow internet speeds and an unreliable connection.

We’ve worked with countless holiday parks throughout the past 19 years and can tell you with full certainty that this sort of internet access is not what your customers are looking for.

To solve this issue, we have created a unique WiFi solution that is specifically tailored to meet the demands of a modern holiday park.

How Our Holiday Park WiFi Works

Our holiday park WiFi gives your guests a robust and weatherproof internet connection by utilising the latest in PTMP (point-to-multipoint) technology.

This creates a wireless mesh that directly connects to WiFi receivers that we place on the outside of your caravans. These receivers then connect through to routers that we install inside your caravans, removing the possibility of any “WiFi dead zones” and allowing guests to simultaneously connect up to 200 devices in each caravan.

Our unique approach allows us to guarantee full WiFi coverage throughout your entire holiday park and provide your guests a faster and more stable WiFi connection than they’ll have at their homes.

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What Our Holiday Park WiFi Does For You

Holiday Park WiFi

We have seen wonderful things happen to holiday parks as a direct result of using our WiFi package, and are certain that you will not find a faster or more reliable WiFi connection elsewhere. But that’s not the only reason why holiday park managers love our services.

We have specifically designed our holiday park WiFi package to bring maximum benefits to your business. When you use our WiFi solutions, you can expect:

More Good Reviews (and less bad reviews)

As your customer satisfaction increases, you will naturally start to acquire more positive reviews about your holiday park.

But all business owners know that customers are more likely to leave reviews after a bad experience than they are after a good one. Which is why we have a variety of methods you can implement right away to encourage your guests to leave good reviews.

We utilise the same software and strategies companies like Merlin Entertainments, McDonalds and Harrods use to generate massive amounts of positive reviews for your holiday park.

We give you the ability to send guests directly to your TripAdvisor review page after logging into your WiFi connection. This works as a friendly reminder and makes it easy for them to leave a review.

We can also implement an automated system that sends guests a follow up email to remind them to leave a review of their experience at your holiday park.

This will increase the amount of good reviews you get and encourage new customers to stay at your park.

Plus, all of the marketing strategies we can help you implement at your holiday park are fully compliant with all UK and EU laws, including GDPR and Ofcom Regulations.

Increased Bookings And Lifetime Value Of Guests

Online reviews are critical to the success of your holiday park in 2023 and beyond. You know that your customers are looking on TripAdvisor and wanting to see great reviews that have been recently left about your park. If they are not met with many recent reviews, it can make your holiday park look unattractive to new guests.

By increasing the amount of positive reviews you receive, your holiday park will look more attractive to anybody considering booking. In fact, some studies have suggested that guests are 3.9 times more likely to book the accommodation with the highest average reviews.

By utilising the marketing strategies discussed above, you can expect more positive reviews about your holiday park.

And what’s more, because many guests claim that internet access is one of their top priorities when determining where to stay, you’ll be more likely to win over more customers on those grounds too.

But it’s not just increase bookings you can expect, you will also increase the chances of improving the lifetime value of each of your guests. And that’s not just because they’ll be having a more pleasant experience at your park. But because you can easily integrate our guest WiFi software into any social media or email marketing campaigns you may be running. Giving you the ability to build relationships and keep your customers for many years to come.

WiFi Security You Can Rely On

Allowing hundreds of people to access your WiFi doesn’t come without security risks. You are literally giving your guests access to your internet connection – allowing anyone who knows what they’re doing to hack into your network and steal your customer’s data.

And so the standard security you get with most WiFi solutions will not suffice for your holiday park.

To counteract this, we have created a bespoke security solution to meet the unique needs of holiday parks.

We install the leading firewall system on to your network and separate your staff and guest internet connections through the use of a “Virtual Local Area Network”. This uses the same internet connection, but creates two completely separate WiFi connections. Keeping your company’s WiFi separate from your guest’s WiFi (without having to pay for two internet connections).

We also make it easy for you to block access to illegal websites and monitor your WiFi for suspicious behaviour.

This keeps both you and your guests safe online at all times.

Another Stream Of Income

Our holiday park WiFi package is fully customisable to the needs of your resort. We have a variety of options for you to choose from and give you the ability to charge guests for internet access.

If you do choose to charge for guest internet access, we have multiple payment options available. You can charge guests based on the amount of data they use, or length of time they wish to use the internet for.

Guests are able to purchase access to your WiFi through a secure and customisable payment gateway or by purchasing vouchers. The choice is yours.

This gives your business another stream of income and allows you to maximize profits.

Amazing WiFi Connection, Or Your Money Back

You can try our holiday park WiFi package risk free, through our 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with our WiFi solutions within 30 days, we will give you a full refund.

No holiday park has asked for a refund yet, and we are confident that you won’t either.

APC Solutions Team

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