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Hospital WiFi Solutions | WiFi for Clinics & Healthcare Providers

Our WiFi helps patients feel better and makes healthcare facilities run smoother

Having an ultrafast WiFi connection that patients and staff can securely connect to whenever they need it has become more important that ever

  • Video calls may be the only way family members get to see an unwell loved one, and poor WiFi connections understandably leave patients incredibly frustrated
  • And for staff, a poor WiFi connection is often the cause of slowing down their already busy work day
Get Fast, Reliable WiFi Now hospital wifi

Bespoke Hospital WiFi That’ll

Stop hackers getting in

Our state-of-the-art security systems ensures that your WiFi is as secure as possible 24 hours a day

Stay ultrafast 24/7

No more buffering or peak hour issues – your new WiFi will stay ultrafast at all times

Improve staff efficiency

Staff will be able to access medical records and appointment dates, as well as real time patient and equipment monitoring via their mobile device

Handle unlimited connections

Patients can use as many WiFi enabled devices as they like – your WiFi can handle it

Be easy to use

No more complaints or questions about why the device won’t connect – Our WiFi is uncomplicated and simple to use

Have no “dead zones”

Your WiFi will be bespoke designed to cover the entire premises, making it easy for staff and patients to stay connected

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Ultrafast Internet Multisite Connectivity

Need Ultrafast Internet Or Multisite Connectivity? We Do That Too

If you need to link two or more locations together through a wireless bridge or you need an ultrafast internet connection, we offer wireless solutions with speeds of up to 10Gbps that can be fully installed in your hospital in just 14 days.

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Professional WiFi For Healthcare Facilities

hospital wifi solutions

We start off by performing an initial survey of your hospital/healthcare facility to gather information on potential obstacles or sources of interference.

Our experienced team will then carefully analyse the design and size of your premises, as well as the materials used to construct it.

Another important factor we take into consideration is other medical devices that may be utilising a similar frequency, as well as any other local interferences that could cause an issue.

All of these factors and more will be taken into consideration prior to the WiFi design to ensure your hospital/clinic has a flawless WiFi network that works perfectly anytime you need it. 

Our 20+ years of industry experience enables us to design and install a truly fault-free network that both your staff and patients will find a pleasure to use, without compromising on security.

If you’d like us to help install and ultrafast WiFi system in your facility, click on the button below to request a call back today

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Full Coverage Guarantee

We offer a full coverage guarantee that ensures your WiFi will be accessible and fast throughout the entire Hospital. Giving your staff and your patients the ability to connect from any given location.

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Solid WiFi Security

Our WiFi comes with cutting edge security systems that keep hackers out, without making it difficult to access for the people and applications that are allowed to use it. Making it safe and easy to use.

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Money Back Guarantee

We offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not 100% happy with our WiFi. Not because you’ll need it, but because we know it will make you feel more confident knowing there’s no risk in using us.

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