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WiFi For Hotels
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Hotel WiFi Solutions | WiFi For Hotels

The demand for great WiFi in hotels is at an all time high. WiFi is no longer just a nice thing to have – it’s a necessity and directly affects the amount of bookings your hotel receives.

It has been said that free WiFi is now the number one most important thing people are looking for when booking hotels.

But the truth is, hotel guests in 2023 aren’t just happy with any WiFi service. They want to receive the same quality of WiFi at your hotel as they get at home.

And if they don’t – they’ll be more than happy to tell the world about it on review websites like TripAdvisor. This can be a serious problem for hotel owners, as up to 77% of all guests staying in your hotel will have researched your hotel online before booking.

Fortunately for hotel owners, we have created a unique WiFi for hotels package that has been specifically designed to meet the modern-day requirements hotel guests expect.

How We Give Your Guests The Best Hotel WiFi Solutions

Best Hotel WiFi Solutions

With our hotel WiFi solutions, you can connect unlimited devices at lightning fast speeds throughout your entire hotel premises. You’ll never have to worry about poor internet speeds upsetting your guests or the potential security risks that come with some WiFi packages – because our solutions have you covered.

Full WiFi Coverage Guarantee

We guarantee your guests will be able to connect to your WiFi from any location in your hotel. You will have no issues with connectivity in any rooms and your guests will love the speed of your WiFi. This is backed by our Full WiFi Coverage Guarantee.

Guests Can Connect Unlimited Devices

All guests staying in your hotel will now be able to connect unlimited devices to your WiFi, without causing any connectivity issues. They can connect as many phones, tablets, laptops or even smart watches to your WiFi as they like. There will be no slow internet speeds and it will not put a strain on your WiFi connection – because our hardware can handle it.

“World-class” Technical Support 24/7

Our hotel WiFi solutions come with “world class” technical support as standard. Your WiFi connectivity will be monitored closely by our UK based team 24/7 to ensure there are no issues with your WiFi.

If there are any technical issues in your WiFi  – we would know about it before your guests do and can often get it fixed before they even notice.

Better WiFi Security Solutions For Hotels

The standard level of WiFi security offered by many providers cannot fully protect your hotels WiFi from danger. And although the majority of your guests would never dream of doing anything illegal on your WiFi, there are a small percentage of people out there who use hotel WiFi to download illegal content, send spam or even hack into your computers – allowing them to steal customer data or install viruses on your system.

We believe WiFi security is one of the most important aspects of the WiFi for hotels package we provide. We make it easy for hotels to filter access to illegal websites on your WiFi and monitor the illegal use of your network to ensure you and your guests stay safe online.

Custom WiFi Login Pages That Get You Positive Reviews On TripAdvisor

We all know how important good reviews on TripAdvisor are for hotels in 2023. However most of the guests that stay at your hotel won’t even consider leaving one.

Which is why we have integrated our WiFi services into the latest cutting-edge software that is designed to help generate more positive reviews for your hotel. In fact we use the exact same software as companies like Pizza Express, Harrods, KFC and even McDonalds use to generate positive reviews online. The only difference is – we have specifically tailored the software to work better for the hotel industry.

With our hotel WiFi, you get a variety of marketing strategies you can implement into your hotel right away. We can send guests directly to your TripAdvisor page when they log into your WiFi or even send an email follow up after they leave your hotel to remind them to submit a review online.

Plus we also provide WiFi Analytics to give you in-depth information about how your guests behave. This can then be used to help you create smartly tailored special offers and promotions your guests will love.

And the best part? All of our solutions are fully GDPR compliant – giving you all the benefits of a tried and tested marketing campaign that gets you reviews and helpful data about your customers, without having to worry about breaking complicated EU Law.

Get Started Today – Call APC Solutions About Your Hotel WiFi

APC Solutions Team

We have helped countless hotels fix their poor WiFi connectivity throughout the UK for over 20 years and have built up a solid reputation as the go to company for hotel WiFi solutions.

If you would like any free help or advice – our friendly team are on hand and waiting to help you make the best decision for your hotel. We can advise on all things WiFi to ensure you get the best package for your requirements and budget.

So call now on 03331 500 140 or click the button below to request a call back. We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Because we are so confident you and your guests are going to love our WiFi solutions – we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. No hotel has yet been disappointed. And you won’t be disappointed either.

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Full Site WiFi Coverage Guarantee

Your hotel is guaranteed to have full site coverage. Meaning every guest, in every room, at any given time will be able to connect to your WiFi without any issues. Your WiFi will be fast and can handle unlimited devices.

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We Take WiFi Security To Another Level

We offer WiFi security that’s ahead of the game. Our firewalls and security software is designed to prevent hackers getting into your systems or stealing customer data. You will not find a safer WiFi solution elsewhere.

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