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Don’t Let Internet Failure “Slam The Brakes” On Your Business

PETER DRUCKER once said: “The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths in ways that make a system’s weaknesses irrelevant”

Wouldn’t it make sense if Internet Service Providers offered an internet connection like that for business owners? 

One where almost any possible cause of internet failure was offset by a completely independent backup connection that has a different set of strengths to the primary connection.

Yet when you look deep enough into any business internet connection in the UK – almost none do.

And so it comes as no surprise that the UK economy is estimated to lose almost £750 million each year due to internet failure in businesses.

You can work out how much your business would lose due to internet failure using our free online calculator below:

Find Out The True Cost Of Internet Downtime Use our free online calculator to find out how much downtime will cost your business

How Much Internet Downtime Will Cost Your Business

Time Period Lost Revenue Lost Productivity Total Loss
Per Week rev_week prod_week total_week
Per Day rev_day prod_day total_day
Per Hour rev_hour prod_hour total_hour
Per Minute rev_minute prod_minute total_minute
How We Calculate These Numbers

We work out your lost revenue by multiplying your annual revenue by the internet’s impact on your revenue as a percentage. This gives us the yearly cost of downtime, which we simply divide down to the different time periods shown above.

We work out your lost productivity by multiplying your number of employees by their average cost per hour, and then multiplying that number by their reliance on the internet as a percentage. This gives us the hourly cost, which we divide and multiply to get the other relevant time periods.

We work out your total loss by adding your lost revenue and lost productivity together.

Join The Other Businesses Who No Longer Fear Downtime

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But That’s Not All You’ll Lose

The calculator above does a great job in working out the obvious costs associated with internet failure, but it can never account for:

  • The Time Needed To Get Back Into A Task
    Studies have shown it takes employees around 25 minutes to get back into a task after a distraction. Multiply that by your number of employees – and you’ve got a serious problem
  • The Decline In Employee Morale
    Nothing kills off the motivated spirit like a lack of achievement
  • The Security Risks Of The Overambitious
    The risk of your team using their own unsecured network to get work done could cost you far more than any figure quoted above

And We Should Know…

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses across the UK prevent this very issue for good with our most popular service, MultiConnect+

MultiConnect+ does what Peter Drucker advised. It’s an SD WAN that securely connects multiple internet connections together – combining their strengths and making downtime a guaranteed thing of the past.

When one of your internet connections goes down, MultiConnect+ automatically switches over to another one so fast, you wouldn’t even know it happened.

The Best Part? The Connections Are COMPLETELY Independent

MultiConnect+ Diagram

Companies who experienced the effects of downtime in the past were often sold a second leased line to prevent it happening again.

The shocking reality many come to learn is that their “second” leased line actually met or crossed with their original leased line at certain points.

Meaning any fires, floods, construction works etc would take out their “second” connection too.

MultiConnect+ uses completely separate connections that have NO crossover points whatsoever.

If your primary connection was a leased line (which uses ground-based cables), we would likely set up a microwave internet connection as the secondary connection (which travels wirelessly over the air).

It all depends on your location and which connection would be best suited for your business.

Which Backup Internet Connection Best Suits Your Business?

Low latencyMax speed
Microwave InternetYes10GbpsYesYes
4G MobileNo5-90MbpsNoNo

Your 6 Backup Internet Options Explained:

Microwave Internet

Uncontended and dedicated much like a leased line, delivered using a high capacity microwave radio link, with uptimes exceeding 99.99%. Consistent performance backed by an SLA. Good option for exchange resilience and diverse routing. Symmetrical speeds

Fibre Leased Line

Often the primary circuit, uncontended and dedicated, very reliable and consistent performance backed by SLA, your own fibre cable between you and the exchange. Symmetrical speeds. We can check for availability of fibre diversity through multiple providers.

FTTC – Fibre to the Cabinet

A copper cable between you and the nearest fibre enabled cabinet, variable contention, performance not guaranteed, not symmetrical, limited upload capacity, Availability is good.

FTTP – Fibre to the Premises

A Fibre cable between you and the nearest termination point, variable contention, performance not guaranteed. Not symmetrical, lower upload capacity. Availability is currently poor.

4G Mobile Network

A mobile connection between you and the nearest cell antenna, highly contended, performance not consistent or guaranteed, not symmetrical with lower upload capacity. Subject to coverage and availability.

Satellite Broadband

A link available anywhere but can be highly contended and performance inconsistent, vastly more download than upload capacity. Can be adversely impacted by weather.

Which Connections Are Available For You?

The problem with many of the connections listed above is that they aren’t all available throughout the entire UK.

To find out exactly what’s available in your area for free, click on the button below and enter your business postcode now.

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