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You Don’t Need A Leased Line For Home

This guide could save you hundreds of pounds every month

Working from home has its upsides, but fast internet speeds certainly isn’t one of them. 

One of the biggest lessons we all learned during the “work from home if you can” period is that slow internet equals getting less done. 

We all know business grade internet is required if we want to get more done each day but the cheapest you can get a leased line for home in the UK is around £350 per month.

Which most people feel is far too expensive to even consider.

And We Completely Agree

It shouldn’t cost the same amount for an entire company to get a leased line as it does for a single household to get a leased line. 

There’s only a handful of people using your internet, whereas a business premises could have hundreds of workers on the network at any given time!

leased line for home
Businesses use far more data – so why do we pay the same?

The Truth? Leased Lines Aren’t Suitable For Home Use

The problem with leased lines is that they deliver an internet connection the old fashioned way. 

They rely on a physical fibre cable being installed from your nearest “internet exchange point” to your home. 

This gives you a dedicated connection to the internet, but means you need a massive cable installed underground – costing you an extortionate amount of money to get installed, and a minimum of £350 per month to continue using.

And that’s why they’re so expensive – regardless as to how many people actually use it, or how much you download!

It’s also the reason why they require you to sign up for a lengthy contract, which is usually 36 months long.

But the truth is, 99.99% of homes that have a leased line installed are paying over £350 per month for a connection they’re barely even using!

Leased lines give you a dedicated connection to the internet that’s far more powerful than you’ll ever need (or even benefit from in the slightest).

And the only reason leased line companies can force people into these expensive 36 month contracts is because there wasn’t an internet connection between the fastest home broadband, and an actual fibre leased line.

Which Is Why We Done Something About It

We understand that the majority of people working from home don’t really need a leased line. And the only reason they’re paying over £350 per month for it is because they have no other option.

They need an internet connection that:

  • Has super fast download speeds
  • Doesn’t disconnect at random intervals
  • Doesn’t kick you off for downloading too much data
  • Always works when you need it

And with our Business Internet For Home package – you get exactly that, at a fraction of the cost! 

In fact, after a small set up fee, you can get our Business Internet For Home package for as little as just £100 per month!

Meaning your home can have business grade internet that stays online, stays super fast and has unlimited downloads (with fair usage) for around £3.30 per day.

And the best part? You aren’t locked into an expensive 36 month contract – ours is just 6 months.

Here’s How Business Internet For Home Works

Business Internet For Home combines your existing broadband connection with a secondary internet connection that uses “cellular network technology”. This is very similar to the 4G internet connection you get on a mobile phone, only it’s a LOT faster and completely secure.

By using both internet connections, your internet is far less prone to going down – as both connections would have to go down at the same time for you to be without internet (which is extremely unlikely!)

It also means you can expect real speeds of up to 100Mbps, depending on your location. Which is a lot faster than you can actually get on any UK broadband package!

This is by far the most affordable way you can get business internet in your home, and doesn’t require you getting locked into a lengthy contract.

Leased Line or Business Internet For HomeWhich Best Suits Your Needs?

Leased Line At HomeBusiness Internet For Home
Installation cost:£2,000 – £100,000£200 – £450
Installation time:2 – 12 months5 – 14 days
Price per month:£350 – £600£100
Contract length:24 – 36 months6 months
Speed:100Mbps – 10GbpsUp to 100Mbps
Backup connection:NoYes
Number of users:1 – 100+ users1 – 30 users
WiFi Enabled RouterNot as standardYes

How Fast Is Business Internet For Home In Your Area?

You can find out exactly how fast Business Internet For Home will make your internet by entering your postcode into the form above.

Simply tell us where you need faster internet and we’ll tell you how fast it can be – completely free, with no obligation.

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