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The “Always On” Internet Connection, With No Downtime.

MultiConnect+ gives businesses across the UK an internet connection that’ll stay on during any eventuality.

It is unaffected by environmental changes such as fires or floods, unaffected by usage during peak times, and is widely regarded as the only option reliable enough for Mission Critical Applications.

The MultiConnect+ package gives you everything you wish you were getting from your current internet connection, and can be installed in just 5 days.

If downtime would have a negative impact on your business, join the growing number of other businesses who rely solely on MultiConnect+ for a truly resilient internet connection.

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How MultiConnect+ Keeps Businesses Always Online

MultiConnect+ Diagram

MultiConnect+ is an SD WAN that combines multiple internet connections together to ensure your business stays permanently online.

Unlike a simple backup internet connection, MultiConnect+ is a fully managed service, which means you deal with just one fast-acting company who are constantly monitoring the performance of each connection to ensure your business maintains its lightning fast internet at all times.

If your primary connection was to underperform, we simply route traffic over a different connection method – giving you no downtime at all. And because each connection is going through the MultiConnect+ router, you can even have a single static public IP address across all connection types, which provides a hitless failover in the event of a connection issue.

The MultiConnect+ package also has a 24/7, UK-based support desk option that you can contact at any time of the day (or night) to get any issues or queries resolved fast.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) are both incorporated into this solution, which means whether it’s a resilient internet connection you require, or a more complex corporate WAN connectivity solution – MultiConnect+ will provide you greater reliability than even the best MPLS.

There’s good reason why our customers have referred to MultiConnect+ as the gold standard of internet connections.

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Internet Connectivity Types

MultiConnect+ utilises all forms of connectivity ranging from satellite, mobile (4G/5G), fibre, and our very own game changing IVM (internet via microwave). By combining two or more connections together through the MultiConnect+ router, your business gains a cast-iron internet connection that will not go down. Your team will never lose a days work because of your internet connection and your staff will run at full efficiency, without ever waiting for connections to speed up or files to download.

Most MultiConnect+ customers combine two of the following three:

IVM (Internet Via Microwave)

microwave internet connection

Uncontended and dedicated much like a leased line, delivered using a high capacity microwave radio link, with uptimes exceeding 99.99%. Consistent performance backed by an SLA. Good option for exchange resilience and diverse routing. Symmetrical speeds of up to 10Gbps.

Fibre Leased Line

Fibre Leased Line

Often the primary circuit, uncontended and dedicated, very reliable and consistent performance backed by SLA, your own fibre cable between you and the exchange. Symmetrical speeds. We can check for availability of fibre diversity through multiple providers.



A mobile connection between you and the nearest cell antenna. 4G/5G is a contended ‘broadband’ type connection that, in nearly all cases, has faster download speeds than upload speeds. It’s very fast to set up and can be installed with multiple SIM cards from different providers for carrier resilience.

To learn more about each connection type MultiConnect+ can combine, please find our ”always online” pdf brochure here.

MultiConnect+ – True Resilience For Businesses That Need It

MultiConnect+ is used across a wide range of sectors that depend on “always on” internet connectivity, including:

Internet For Construction Sites
Construction Sites
WiFi For Events

*MultiConnect+ guarantees no downtime owing to a failing internet connection.

MultiConnect+ gives our business the constant internet connection we need to fully function on a daily basis. We’ve been using this package for a few years now and to date it hasn’t let us down once. The main benefit MultiConnect+ gives us is that peace of mind that no matter what happens, our business will stay connected and stay working at full force.

Jon Anders - High Worth Trading

Join the Other Businesses Who No Longer Fear Downtime

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