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What is a Point to Point Network?

Point To Point Networks

Point-to-point networks are used to connect two locations together via a private, dedicated line. This allows companies to transfer data between multiple buildings (for example) without the security risks of data being intercepted associated with a public internet connection.

The quality of service provided by a point-to-point network far exceeds that of a shared network – providing a faster, more reliable solution. This is why PTP networks are essential for any mission-critical applications.

Most commonly, businesses will use point to point networks for one of the following tasks:

  • Securely sharing files
  • Backing up data
  • VOIP and video conferencing
  • CCTV
  • Processing credit cards
  • And more
Point To Point Network Diagram

How Do Point To Point Networks Work?

Point to point networks use a microwave radio link to establish a connection between two locations.

Because microwave radio links are wireless, they are incredibly versatile. Which means they can:

  • Provide an ultrafast connection over many miles (or only a few metres) depending on your requirements
  • Provide a reliable connection for many decade (or just a few days) depending on your requirements

The network is quick to install (in as little as just 14 days), has uptimes exceeding 99.99%, isn’t adversely effected by weather and is ultra-low latency.

And because it’s a dedicated line, it has unlimited data allowance.

Alternative Fibre Connections

fibre ptp

Some PTP network providers will use a fibre leased line to link two buildings together. This will provide a fast, secure connection that’s similar to a microwave radio link in many ways.

However when compared to a microwave radio link, leased lines:

  • Cost a lot to install
  • Take a long time to install
  • Cannot be used on a temporary basis
  • Are susceptible to damage during fires, floods, roadworks etc.

Which is why most good providers in 2023 now use microwave radio links for point to point networks.

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