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WiFi For Schools
  • Easy WiFi Filtering System
  • Connect Unlimited Devices
  • Ultra-Fast Download Speeds
  • Consistently Strong Connection
  • Maximum WiFi Security
  • Full United Kingdom Coverage
  • Over 20 Years' WiFi Experience
  • Full Network Coverage Guarantee
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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School WiFi | WiFi For Schools

We understand that having a poor WiFi connection in your school can cause a number of serious issues. It stops the lessons running smoothly and stops your students learning to their full capacity.

We have heard countless horror stories about lessons being disrupted, students hacking into staff files, and network congestion issues preventing students from accessing the internet at all.

The truth is, most WiFi Solutions out there will not be able to fully handle the requirements of a school. This results in slow internet speeds, areas of the school where you cannot connect to the WiFi and poor security. Which in 2023 and beyond – really isn’t good enough.

Your School Needs Great WiFi

WiFi your whole school can enjoy – no matter how many people are using it

Which is why we created our unique WiFi for schools package. Our school WiFi Solutions have been designed to be safer, faster and more reliable than any other WiFi provider out there.

With our WiFi solutions, you can connect unlimited devices to the network at anytime. You’re never going to have problems getting computers, laptops, tablets or anything else connected to the internet – because our systems can handle as many devices as you have.

And our internet speeds are second to none.  Your school can enjoy up to 10Gbps internet speeds, which will dramatically speed up the process of downloading and uploading files to the internet.

We also offer a network coverage guarantee, which ensures that everywhere on your site is fully covered by our WiFi. Allowing your students and teachers to connect to the internet, no matter where they are. This gives your school greater flexibility and less restrictions.

And when it comes to security, we have you covered. The standard security solutions offered by many WiFi providers are not an option for schools. We have firewalls and security services that are designed to meet the needs of an ever increasingly dangerous internet. Our security will keep your students and your data safe at all times.

Talk To Our School WiFi Specialists Today

We are passionate about delivering amazing WiFi solutions to schools throughout the UK. If you would like any free help or advice on getting a reliable WiFi connection installed in your school, give our friendly team a call today on 03331 500 140. We have helped countless schools throughout the country and are always more than happy to help you make the best decision for your school.

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How To Get Safe, Reliable WIFi In Your School With Full Site Coverage

School WiFi
Our network coverage guarantee means you can access your WiFi from anywhere in your school

We start off by sending our network engineers to your school to perform a full site survey. This allows us to map out where access points need to be installed and design your WiFi system. Our site surveys are in depth and take into account all potential WiFi connection issues such as high-density areas to ensure your WiFi runs smoothly at all times – no matter how many students or staff are connected to it. This is all backed by our network coverage guarantee.

We will then install your WiFi system and thoroughly test for any security or connectivity issues. Our technicians will always double check there are no faults in your WiFi before leaving – guaranteeing your WiFi is fully ready for use on day one.

From then on you can relax safely in the knowledge that your school WiFi has been correctly set up and is being monitored 24/7 by our expert team. We will now take care of everything. All of your hardware will be kept up-to-date to ensure maximum security of your school. You’ll be able to call us up at any time of the day for any help or advice you may need. And your entire school will be covered with lightning-fast WiFi.

Easy WiFi Filtering System

Our easy to use filtering system makes it simpler than ever for your staff to block access to inappropriate websites on your schools WiFi connection. This keeps your students from harm and helps your team monitor student’s activity online. We have a variety of web filtering solutions for you to choose from to keep your students and your network safe.

Guest Internet Access

Your school will also have the ability to offer safe guest internet access to visitors of the school. Our guest internet access services allow your guests to access your Wi-Fi, without accessing your network. This prevents all security risks that come from allowing people to use your WiFi.

We Do WiFi Security Better

We believe that when it comes to your school’s WiFi, security is the number one priority. And honestly believe nobody does it better than us. We combine our decades of experience and industry experts to provide schools with secure WiFi Solutions that prevent cyber attacks and keep your data safe at all times. We don’t just follow WiFi security best practices to a tee – we set our own best practices based on real school security experience.

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APC Solutions Team

So if you’re looking for a reliable WiFi connection that’s lightning fast and can provide you up to 10Gbps download speeds with full site coverage and no down times – give us a call today on 03331 500 140 or click the button below to request a call back.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not completely happy with our school WiFi solutions within 30 days, we will give you a full refund. How can we afford to offer this? Because no school has been disappointed yet, and we know you won’t be disappointed either.

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Network Coverage Guarantee

We guarantee your school will have a full network coverage. Meaning no matter where you are or how many devices are connected to the network – your students and staff will be able to access your WiFi at all times.

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Secure Hardware Guarantee

We only use the newest hardware to ensure your WiFi connection is secure, fast and reliable. Our technicians constantly monitor your network and keep all hardware up-to-date to guarantee maximum security of your school WiFi system.

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