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Find The Cause Of Your Poor WiFi Fast
  • Guaranteed To Find The Problem & Provide A Solution
  • Industry Leading Heatmaps
  • Full Spectrum Analysis
  • In-Depth WiFi Performance Reports
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • £595 + VAT (one off fee)
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WiFi Health Check | Network Health Check

APC Solutions offer a bespoke health check to ensure your wireless network is achieving maximum performance

If you have an existing wireless network that isn’t performing as well as your business requires, you could be losing thousands of pounds per year.

An underperforming network slows down your business, decreases your teams productivity and could be leaving you vulnerable to numerous security risks.

If you would like to find out where it’s all going wrong, and learn exactly what you can do to fix it – we offer a bespoke WiFi health check service for businesses across the UK.

We check your WiFi connection for: 

Network Health Check For Business

WiFi Health Check
Our heatmaps allow you to quickly see where your WiFi coverage is lacking

Our WiFi health check service is guaranteed to find the cause of your poor connectivity, or your money back. We perform rigorous testing to ensure we get to the bottom of your issues and provide cutting-edge solutions to achieve maximum WiFi performance.

We charge a one off fee of £595 + VAT to perform a full spectrum analysis of your WiFi network. You will be provided with a full report that breaks down exactly how your WiFi is performing, as well as a list of recommendations to maximize your WiFi performance.

Our WiFi health check is guaranteed to find the problem and provide a solution.

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