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5G & 4G Business Broadband – 5G & 4G Business Solutions

APC can provide an internet connection using the mobile cellular networks, part of our value added service is identifying the right hardware and network for your needs along with your location. These connections tend to be metered so you need to be sure about what you are using it for and your anticipated usage, we can help you quantify this.

Bonding and advanced SDWAN technologies can provide a highly flexible and robust connection. The bonding techniques we deploy offer true bonding of multiple 4G connections (or alternative Ethernet sources) allowing you to increase the useable speeds available even if a single connection is not sufficient.  Bonding shouldn’t be confused with load balancing which is available on most multi wan enterprise routers. Channel bonding is considered superior due to the fact it makes the best use of the available bandwidth so therefore offer lowers latency in comparison to load balancing.     

4G is a great fit for rapid deployments when you just need connectivity fast. APC offers a one box solution with built-in WiFi as well as much more complex SDWAN corporate solutions with advanced bonding and routing features.

Our solutions can also complement each other, APC’s Microwave Internet product can be used as a primary connection with a 4G service used as a backup, providing a robust and reliable connection using multiple wireless technologies. One of the most important elements of a mobile cellular solution is the mobile network, APC has partnerships with all of the UK carriers and can offer multiple tariff options to suit the requirement. Using our advanced real time monitoring and alerting system you can avoid bill shock (which is commonly associated with older 4G platforms).

Solution Installation lead time (from) Download Speed (up to) Data Allowance £Guide Minimum Contract
4G / 5G 2 Days 80Mbps 10 – Unlimited ££ 1 Day

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