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Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Microwave Internet can provide a business continuity plan real alternatives in the event of a disaster.

Where a client uses an uncontended and dedicated fibre circuit as a primary internet or MPLS connection, it is traditionally thought that the only way to protect against a fibre or service provider failure is to install two different fibre circuits. We don’t agree, a more robust form of redundancy is to install a dedicated, unmetered and uncontended microwave radio connection to compliment the primary fibre connection. One ground based service (Fibre) and one delivered over the air (Microwave radio) is the most diverse form of disaster recovery solution to complement your business continuity plan.

With speeds of microwave radios matching or in some cases exceeding fibre, this solution is a real and genuine alternative to the other choices. Shared internet connections like FTTC or 4G can provide a very cost effective solution as a backup internet connection but you have to evaluate how mission critical is your internet connection to the business, is a shared and contended service really the right fit if you have a dedicated fibre connection that you are looking to offer protection against? We have found that clients who opt for these shared internet solutions find that the business can’t operate effectively because of all the bandwidth hungry applications. Often the poor experience using these technologies in the event of an outage is due to the nature of the disaster and the fact that the shared infrastructure is being put under increased load in that location.

We offer the full turnkey service and can also provide the auto switching routing devices to ensure a hitless changeover when a fibre or provider problem occurs and the backup connection needs to assume the primary role.

While we do offer rapid installation services we strongly advise you don’t wait for the disaster to hit before deciding you need a backup service. We offer a bespoke UK wide service with packages ranging from 20Mbps to 2Gbps.

A Resilient Wireless Back-Up & Disaster Recovery Solution

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