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Microwave Radio LinkThe True Leased Line Alternative
  • Save Thousands On ECC’s
  • Just 14 Days To Install
  • Ultrafast Speeds (10Mbps to 10Gbps) with Ultralow Latency
  • Uptimes Exceeding 99.99%
  • 100% Dedicated & Uncontended Connection
  • UK Wide Coverage
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Leased Line Alternative

How to get ‘Leased Line’ Level Connectivity in Just 14 Days, Without Spending £1000’s on ECC’s

Are you a business owner or IT manager that’s been quoted over £5,000 for excess construction charges? Are you concerned about the amount of time it’s going to take for your leased line to be installed in your business?

If so, you are not alone. We have helped thousands of business owners get the reliable connectivity their business needs in as little as 14 days (from start to finish), whilst saving them thousands of pounds on unnecessary excess construction charges.

Did you know that a microwave radio link (also known as a “wireless leased line”), can provide your business with a better level of connectivity than a fibre leased line?

Microwave radio links are the only true alternative to a fibre leased line because they do the exact same job, just with a few key differences:

They are Much Cheaper to Set Up (No ECC’s!)

Using a microwave radio link for your site to site or internet connection could save your business thousands of pounds on excess construction charges. Because although there is a set-up cost for your microwave radio link, it’s a fraction of the cost some leased line providers will ask for in ECC’s for the more complicated installations.

They are Much Quicker to Install (14 Days)

Unlike a leased line, which can months or even years for installation, your microwave radio link can be installed and fully functioning in as little as just 14 days. This is because the entire service is delivered over the air – meaning you don’t have to wait months for construction teams to dig up roads and install cables.

They are Not Affected by Environmental Changes

Because fibre leased lines run through the Earth or overhead on poles, they are unfortunately prone to breaking during environmental changes such as fires or floods. This can leave your business without a connection for a number of days (or even weeks!). Even something as simple as roadworks can damage your network and leave you without the connection your business depends on for a great length of time.

This is a problem you will not face with a microwave radio link, as fires, floods and roadworks will have no impact on your connection.

Microwave links work through transmitters and receivers, meaning they deliver your connection direct from point A to B, without passing through anything that can interfere along the way. This is one of the main reasons why microwave radio links will provide you greater uptime (99.99%) than a leased line.

Everything Else is the Same as a Leased Line

Leased Line Alternative

Ultrafast 10Mbps to 10Gbps Speeds

Our microwave radio link gives your business download and upload speeds equal to or greater than a leased line. There will be no fluctuations and your network will be able to cope with anything your team need it for. This makes it ideal for any company who needs a lightning fast connection without restrictions.

Your Own Dedicated and Uncontended Connection

Just like a leased line, your microwave radio link will provide your business with a dedicated and uncontended connection that is not shared with anyone else. Giving your business the speed and bandwidth necessary to allow you to use your network for whatever you need, whenever you want.

Ultralow Latency Connection, Perfect for VoIP, CCTV and More

Because the connection is delivered through ultrafast microwaves, you can expect an ultralow latency connection 24/7. In fact, microwave radio links offer the exact same low latency connection as a leased line, making them perfect for VoIP, CCTV and other latency driven applications.

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It Also Works as a Truly Diverse Backup to an Existing Fibre

If you already have an existing fibre leased line connection and you’re concerned about your business’s resilience, a microwave radio link is the perfect solution for you.

Many companies who previously opted for a second leased line learnt that their connection wasn’t truly resilient, as the two lines either crossed over at some point or were connected together somewhere further up the line. This means there are several vulnerable areas in your infrastructure that would leave you completely without a connection if anything was to happen.

The Only True Way to Be Safe Is to Have a Separate Connection

The only way to achieve true resilience is by establishing a second connection that is completely independent from your primary connection. And when you use a microwave radio link, that is exactly what you get.

The connection is independent and in no way attached to your fibre leased line. Your company will have the peace of mind that if there was ever an environmental change that destroyed your leased line connection, your microwave radio link will keep your employees and customers running without any hiccups.

We have received countless testimonials from business owners who are as enthusiastic as we are about their microwave radio link backup connection. Which is why we can say with full confidence that when you get it set up in your business – the biggest complaint you’re going to have is that you didn’t use it as your primary connection.

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Get a True Leased Line Alternative in 14 Days

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