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Wireless Leased Line
  • No Excess Construction Charges
  • Installed In Just 14 Days
  • Up To 10Gbps Upload/Download
  • Dedicated & Uncontended Connection
  • Ultralow Latency
  • Full UK Coverage
  • Fast & Free, No Obligation Quotes
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Wireless Leased Line

No spending thousands on ECC’s. No construction works. No digging up roads. No long lead times. No long contracts. Just Ultrafast Wireless Connectivity

Wireless Leased Line

Up To 10Gbps Download/Upload Speeds

Our wireless leased line delivers your business with an “ultrafast” connection of up to 10Gbps, depending on your requirements. This means your team will spend more time on tasks that make the company money, and less time twiddling their thumbs while they wait for a poor connection.

100% Dedicated & Uncontended Connection 

Your wireless leased line will be 100% dedicated to your company. There will be no fluctuations in download or upload speeds during peak hours, as you’ll be the only people on it. This ensures your business has the connection necessary to work at maximum capacity at all times.

Unlimited Data Allowances and Ultralow Latency

With our wireless leased line solutions, there are no data limits whatsoever. You can use as much data as you like and never have to worry about using too much through data-intensive applications. And because wireless leased lines are ultralow latency, you’ll be able to seamlessly run applications such as VoIP and CCTV without any jitters or buffering.

Why Go Wireless? 

Wireless Leased Lines Have A Faster Installation Time

Because wireless leased lines work through transmitters and receivers, they can be set up in a much shorter period of time than a fibre leased line. Because as you probably know, with a fibre leased line, there’s often a lot of construction work that needs to be done to physically get a line into your building. But with a wireless leased line, there is no construction or digging up roads, which means you don’t have to wait an unreasonably long time to get your line setup. Our wireless leased line solutions can be installed in your business and ready to use in as little as just 14 days (from start to finish!)

Wireless Leased Lines Cost Less To Install

The installation of a wireless leased line costs considerably less than a fibre leased line because there are no excess construction charges (known as ECC’s). There is a setup fee for your wireless leased line which involves installing a receiver on your building and connecting to our nearest transmitter. The set up fee typically costs a fraction of the price most fibre leased line providers would expect you to pay for ECC’s and has saved thousands of businesses across the UK thousands of pounds.

Wireless Leased Lines Are Unaffected By Fires, Floods Or Destructive Roadworks

Unlike a fibre leased line which is very much affected by fires, floods and destructive roadworks, your wireless leased line will be completely unaffected by any environmental changes between your transmitter and receiver. This gives you greater resilience in the face of things that are out of your control and provides your business with that peace of mind that your wireless leased line is going to be working perfectly well no matter what happens.

Wireless Leased Lines Do Not Rely On Openreach Or Virgin Infrastructure

All fibre leased line providers will give you a solution that is 100% reliant on BT Openreach, Virgin or another third party infrastructure. What this means to you as the decision maker is that they don’t really have that much control over any issues that may arise at the exchange. Whereas with our wireless leased line solutions, we have far more control over your network and can fix faults in your connection a lot faster.

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APC Solutions Team

APC Solutions have been providing Wireless Leased Lines for over 10 years and have built up a solid reputation as the go to company for connectivity solutions throughout the UK.

If you would like to find out more information on Wireless Leased Lines or would like our team to provide your business with a free quotation, click the button below or call us direct on 03331 500 140. Our team are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have either online or over the phone (phone lines open 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday).

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