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Fixed Wireless
  • Fast & Reliable Internet
  • 10Gbps Upload/Download
  • Fast Installation Time
  • 100% Uncontended Connection
  • Ultralow Latency
  • NO ECC's!
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Fixed Wireless Provider

The Ultrafast Unlimited Business Internet That Doesn’t Take Months To Install Or Cost Thousands In ECC’s

Fixed Wireless

Unlimited Internet With Low Latency

Our fixed wireless internet gives your business unlimited download and upload usage – meaning you never have to worry about exceeding your limits and being left without a connection.

It’s also considered “ultra-low” latency, making it ideal for businesses that rely on VOIP systems, CCTV, video calls and more. There will be no glitching, no buffering and no jitters on our network!

No Speed Fluctuations

Your fixed wireless connection will be uncontended and used solely by your company. This prevents upload/download speeds being affected during busy hours (like it would on many other solutions). Instead, your internet will be fast, and stay fast 24/7.

As Fast As A Leased Line 

Get speeds of up to 10Gbps for both upload and download – exactly the same as you’d expect from a leased Line. This ensures your team can work at maximum efficiency and are never left waiting for files to upload or pages to load.

Fixed Wireless Access Vs Leased Lines

Here are 4 of the most common reasons why business owners choose fixed wireless over fibre leased lines.

It’s Much Faster To Install

The typical installation time for a leased line is between 2 – 3 months, which is far longer than most business owners are willing to wait. Fixed wireless on the other hand can be installed and fully functioning in as little as just 14-days.

It’s Much Cheaper To Install

Because it’s completely wireless, a fixed wireless solution is a lot cheaper to install than a fibre leased line. There are no major construction works that need to take place for a fixed wireless connection to be installed – saving you thousands on ECC’s (excess construction charges).

It’s Far More Reliable

Businesses who rely solely on a fibre leased line run the very real risk of being without a connection for weeks, or even months when natural disasters such as fires or floods occur – due to the fact that the physical cables easily break during such circumstances. Fixed wireless users don’t have that issue, as the connection is delivered completely wireless.

It’s Not Reliant On Openreach

No leased line provider in the UK has full control over the network, as they are almost all using BT Openreach or Virgin. This is why you may have heard horror stories about leased line companies not fixing faults on the line. The truth is – they simply can’t fix what they don’t own! Whereas a fixed wireless provider has far greater control over the network and can actually get issues resolved fast.

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APC Solutions provides countless companies, both large and small, with ultrafast fixed wireless connectivity services.

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