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Microwave Wireless Internet
  • Up to 10Gbps Download
  • Unlimited Data Allowance
  • Interference-Resistant Connectivity
  • Dedicated & Uncontended Connection
  • Full UK Coverage
  • Fast & Free, No Obligation Quotes
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Microwave Internet – Internet Via Microwave (IVM)

Up to 10Gbps Download Speed and Unlimited Data Allowance through our fast and reliable Microwave Broadband Service

Fast Microwave Broadband

APC offer Wireless Leased Lines using Point to Point (PTP) and Point to Multi Point (PTMP) microwave radio links which deliver a broad range of connectivity solutions. These solutions provide enhanced flexibility, improved security and the ability to bridge into the national fibre network via non routed layer 2 type connections.

If your company uses leased lines for high-speed connectivity, as your bandwidth demands increase so too will your leased line costs. Our wireless solutions can help you reduce your communications costs, improve your network performance and meet the rising demand for real-time bandwidth intensive applications.

The ultra-flexible approach of using bespoke Microwave radio solutions to deliver high capacity bandwidth lends itself to rapid deployment and short term deployment scenarios alike and of course locations where the fibre network does not currently serve, you may also consider this as the only true diverse backup to an existing fibre leased line circuit.

Our solutions deliver scalable, interference-resistant, high-speed connectivity to multiple locations; whether across the street or across the country.

Fast Microwave Broadband Solutions wherever your business needs it

At APC Solutions, we have over 10 years’ experience connecting companies like yours to our fast and reliable microwave link broadband service. And because we have built up many unique partnerships with the major network providers, we are one of the only companies who can honestly offer high speed microwave internet throughout the entire UK.

We have a truly impressive reputation as one of the top microwave broadband providers – because our customers know that when they need superfast, resilient and interference-resistant microwave internet services – APC Solutions delivers every time (no matter where you need it).

If you would like to learn more about how our microwave internet services can help your business, click the button below to request a free call back.

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Solution Installation lead time (from) Download Speed (up to) Data Allowance £Guide Minimum Contract
Microwave Internet 14 Days 10Gbps unlimted £££ 3 days
microwave internet collage

The microwave wireless internet provided by APC delivers fibre like speeds via a dedicated Microwave link, we get 100Mbps without any drops in speed 24/7 365 days of the year, it has made a huge difference to our business productivity and allows our technicians to be confident that when they start a vehicle update it will be done quickly and reliably, thank you APC for the Internet via Microwave service.

Conor Judge - IT Manager, Quest Motors

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