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  • Connectivity between 2 or more sites
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Site to Site Connectivity Solutions

If your business needs reliable, high capacity connectivity between two or more sites, APC’s tailor-made solutions are fast, cost effective and dependable.

Whether you’re in a city and need to link to another office across the road, or are in a rural location and expanding into another building, we’re the experts in providing the perfect, bespoke site to site solution for your business.

APC’s extraordinary wireless solutions create a high bandwidth private link between your offices which is 100% yours to own and run, cost effective and fully supported by our dedicated response team, so you know you can rely on it no matter what.

With our own industry-leading hardware in place, a team of experts in IT, Telecomms and all related technology, and a fully managed turnkey installation and support service, we can provide you with a completely dependable network that is independent of the large suppliers (BT & Virgin) and bespoke to your business.

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Wherever you’re based and for however long you need it, when you need a simple or out of the ordinary wireless solution, APC Solutions are here to help. Get in touch with us today and let’s discuss how we can provide you with the extraordinary wireless connectivity you need.

Simply click on the button below, enter in your details and an expert member of our team will call you back shortly to discuss your connectivity needs.

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We've been working with apc solutions since 2002 for WAN connectivity between our Braintree and Maldon sites, with a 100Mbps upload and download on a dedicated line. This allows our technicians to download vehicle updates quickly - keeping our workshops efficient.

Conor Judge - Manager at Quest Motors

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