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Wireless Guest internet access

APC can integrate a fully manageable guest internet access to your internal Wi-fi. The system allows you to control guest user access to your network and gain access to the internet in a secure environment. You can decide if and how much you want to charge for access which can be taken through a variety of ways. The system setup will be bespoke to you so you can decide which website to allow access to free of charge or block unsuitable sites - bandwidth is controlled to ensure your guest users cannot abuse the system.

Analytics reports provide data into the behavior of your guest users; which includes aggregate demographics of opt-in social Wi-Fi users such as age, gender, and loyalty; and social profiles or contact information of users who have opted into loyalty programmes; and anonymous presence statistics such as footfall and dwell times and daily, weekly or monthly trends.

Features include:

  • Social Media integration & analytics provided in real time
  • Data mining
  • 3rd Party portal advertising – providing ROI
  • Bandwidth control
  • Content filtering
  • Remote web based management
  • Bespoke charge plans
  • Secure PCI compliant payments via credit card, SMS, pre-paid voucher or subscription payment services
  • Bespoke portal screens
  • Usage reports
  • Blacklist sites & free access sites
  • Fully managed Service for end users 24/7