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Secure Web Gateway

Outbound Visibility across All Ports

We can secure all 131,070 data channels on your network, protecting your organization from data loss, loss of intellectual property and other costly data breaches, both external and internal.

Advanced Application Management

Our advanced application scanning with deep packet inspection secures the gateway from unwanted applications and threats with multi-layered security including torrent and file-sharing protection, dynamic proxy circumvention detection, advanced protocol management and trigger-based alerts.

Centralised Threat and Event Reporting

We provide ‘Threat and Event Reporting’ which deliver powerful network insight and forensic intelligence that includes geo-mapping, drill-down access and usage reporting, enabling you to identify threats in real-time. With real-time actionable intelligence on who, where and how your network is being accessed, you have time to mitigate problems before they cause data loss, ultimately lowering your total cost of ownership.

Intelligent Bandwidth Management

Intelligent Bandwidth Management assures maximum network efficiency with flexible stream-based technology that is directory-aware, enabling granular control of bandwidth during peak usage hours.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Management

We integrate BYOD management to extend advanced threat protection and DLP to all the BYOD users on your network, while ensuring that increases in bandwidth demand don’t affect mission critical traffic.

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