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Threat Gateway

Secures against Malware, Botnets, Data Loss, and other Advanced Threats

Behavioural Data Loss Prevention (DLP) uses stream-based scanning technology that gives you visibility over all the hidden data channels on your network which allows you to identify and prevent threats and sensitive data loss. While cache-based & proxy solutions scan only for HTTP/HTTPS traffic on TCP ports 80 and 443, we can scan all of the 65,535 UDP ports sending stream-based data transfers in and out of your network. This means that we can monitor 100% of inbound/outbound data transfers, while other legacy solutions aren't scanning data channels ripe for cybercriminal exploitation.

Stream-Based Anomaly Detection

Our solution scans your outbound traffic and measures data transfers against a network baseline, looking for anomalies. Once an anomaly is detected, our proprietary technology has the capability to stop the data transfer mid-stream, quarantine it and send an alert, giving you time to mitigate threats before they cause data loss.

Threat GeoMapping

Our behavioural DLP is integrated with our Threat & Event Console to deliver exclusive threat GeoMapping and heat maps enabling you to pinpoint threats across a global map. Quickly identify data transfers to higher risk locations, while shortening response times and reducing total cost of

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Intelligent Bandwidth Management

Intelligent Bandwidth Management assures maximum network efficiency with flexible stream-based technology that is directory-aware, enabling granular control of bandwidth during peak usage hours.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Management

We integrate BYOD management to extend advanced threat protection and DLP to all the BYOD users on your network, while ensuring that increases in bandwidth demand don’t affect mission critical traffic.

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