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Stop Using Leased Lines! Microwave Internet is Better

If you’re a UK based business owner who is currently in the process of signing up for a leased line, you are likely being tricked into wasting a LOT of money for a LONG time.

Leased line providers don’t want you to know that there is a cheaper, more reliable alternative that provides a better service, at a lower cost.

The name of that alternative? “Microwave Internet”

Microwave Internet is being used by thousands of in-the-know companies across the UK, such as: Morrisons, Poundland, Starbucks, Inchcape, Welcome Break, Syncreon and more. They’ve all come to realise Microwave Internet does the exact same job as a Leased Line, without the upfront installation costs.

Which is bad news for Leased Line providers – as it’s not just the large multi-national companies that are catching on. Even local companies that are “in the know” are seeing the savings and choosing Microwave Internet.

Fibre Leased Lines WERE “The Best Solution”…
Now They’re Just an “Expensive Solution”

In years gone by, Leased Lines were the only way a business could get a reliable internet connection that was fast enough to keep up with their data demands. The connection was fast, reliable, but very expensive to install.

The good news is, in 2023 and beyond – you have options. Microwave Internet has been sweeping the business world by storm and has been regarded by many experts as the “Gold Standard” of internet connections.

If you’re not sure whether to go for a Leased Line or Microwave Internet connection, it is strongly advised you take these 3 points on board…

Fibre Leased Lines Rely on Physical Cables

And they don’t come cheap. If your business is located in an area that doesn’t already have the infrastructure in place – you’re likely to have been quoted anywhere from £5,000 to £100,000 just to get it installed – that’s not to mention the ongoing costs!

You might have been offered a “good deal” by a friendly sales rep who told you he’ll knock off a few thousand from the installation fee because he likes you. But what he won’t tell you is that your monthly ongoing cost has just increased to cover the discounted installation fee!

That’s why Fibre Leased Line companies lock you into lengthy contracts
That you CANNOT get out of

Whereas Microwave Internet is Cableless

Microwave Internet uses transmitters and receivers to deliver a connection over the air. Which means there are no heart-stopping installation costs, where you’re being asked to pay for miles of road works and cable installation.

In fact, a Microwave Internet connection typically costs between £1000-£2000 to install. Which is a fraction of the cost when compared to the £5,000 to £100,000 you’ll pay for a Fibre Leased Line.

Plus, the average contract length a Microwave Internet provider will ask for is typically less than half of the time required for a Leased Line – Meaning there is far less risk!

Microwave Internet is cheap to install and has a much shorter minimum contract length

Fibre Leased Lines Take a LONG Time To Install

If the high cost of installation doesn’t put you off, the long lead times should.

The installation charges, known as Excess Construction Charges (or Excessive Construction Charges as some people call them) are to cover the costs of digging up miles and miles of land, and constructing overhead poles to get a physical fibre cable into your building.

This process can take the construction companies months, or even years in some cases, to get the internet connection installed.

Can you afford to wait months, or even years for your internet connection?

Whereas Microwave Internet Can Be Installed in 14 Days

Because Microwave Internet doesn’t require construction teams to dig up roads or install overhead poles, it takes just 14 days to get it installed and fully functioning in a UK business.

This is a huge improvement to the months, or even years you could end up waiting for a Fibre Leased Line.

We all know that in business “time is money”. And any business that has experienced substantial growth knows that the opportunity cost of waiting for a Leased Line is through the roof!

You don’t have to wait long for Microwave Internet (14 Days)

Fibre Leased Lines Can Break… And They Don’t Get Fixed Quickly

Fibre Leased Lines are notoriously bad when it comes to breaking. The sheer distance the cables have to travel makes them incredibly vulnerable. Common issues such as fires, floods or even simple road works can break your connection and leave your business without internet for days, or even weeks!

And because the cables span such a large distance, it can take the technitions a considerable amount of time to track down the fault.

When a Leased Line breaks, you’ll be without internet for a considerable amount of time

Whereas Microwave Internet Is Less Likely to Break And Easier To Fix

Because Microwave Internet is a cableless solution, there’s simply less to go wrong. The connection doesn’t pass under motorways or through overhead poles that cars could crash into. It’s simply a transmitter and a receiver.

In the unlikely event that something was to go wrong with the transmitter or receiver, your Microwave Internet provider would simply fix it, and have it back up and running again in no time.

There’s no tracking down the fault across miles and miles of cable – because the connection is through a simple microwave. The technology is simply better.

Microwave Internet rarely breaks and can be fixed fast

Let’s look at Conor Judge’s story…

Conor is an intelligent IT Manager that works at Quest Motors (a car dealers in Braintree, Essex). Conor’s job is to keep himself informed with all the latest developments in the technology world to ensure the business is running efficiently. When asked to find a fast and reliable internet connection, Connor started looking online for Fibre Leased Line packages.

Conor knew it would cost his company a small fortune to install a Fibre Leased Line, which is why he looked into alternatives. What Conor learned during his research surprised him greatly…

Conor found that Fibre Leased Lines use out-dated and expensive technology – and they were in no way the best solution for his business. Conor learned that you could achieve everything a Leased Line gives you (and more!) through the latest advancements in Microwave Internet connectivity.

  • The EXACT SAME Internet Speeds
    Of up to 10Gbps (although Conor learned he didn’t actually need it to run that fast and instead saved money by only getting 100Mbps)
  • A 100% Dedicated Internet Connection
    That prevents the internet running slowly during busy hours of the day
  • Ultra-Low Latency
    Allowing the company to perform VoIP calls, Video Conferencing, CCTV, Web Browsing, Office 365 and more
  • Uptimes Exceeding 99.99%
    Which makes it more reliable than most Fibre Leased Line services on the UK market
Conor Judge Lease Line

The only difference Conor could find is that it cost considerably less to install, and was available in just 14 days.

Conor’s mind was made up! The only problem he faced, was the unfortunate reality of limited UK coverage. Luckily for Conor, Microwave Internet is available in Braintree, and so he went ahead with the installation. Here’s what he has to say about the effects Microwave Internet had on his business:

We get 100Mbps without any drops in speed 24/7 365 days of the year, it has made a huge difference to our business productivity and allows our technicians to be confident that when they start a vehicle update it will be done quickly and reliably

Conor Judge – IT Manager, Quest Motors

The REAL Problem With Microwave Internet

Microwave Wireless Mast

Like most things, Microwave Internet isn’t without it’s flaws. The truth is, although it is better than a Leased Line in almost every instance – it simply isn’t available in a lot of locations.

The availability of Microwave Internet depends on whether or not there is a mast in your area. And although more and more rural locations are getting the technology installed – there’s still a few locations that don’t have coverage.

To find out if Microwave Internet is available in your area, try out our free tool at the top of this page. Simply enter your postcode and get an instant response as to whether or not your location has coverage.

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