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WiFi For Venues
  • Full Venue WiFi Coverage Guarantee
  • Unlimited Device Connections
  • Over 100Mbps Download Speeds
  • Captures Insightful GDPR Compliant Customer Data
  • Maximum WiFi Security
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Venue WiFi – WiFi For Venues

APC Solutions specialise in providing venues with ultrafast WiFi connections.

If you manage a venue that’s suffering from poor WiFi connectivity, you’re not alone. Most WiFi solutions cannot cope with the demands of a modern day venue. Venues are often very large buildings, and so getting connectivity throughout the entire area can be tricky. This is why most WiFi providers can only get a less than suitable WiFi connection into your building.

Many venue owners say that they initially wanted guest WiFi in their venue to improve customer satisfaction – but all it really did was frustrate them with slow internet speeds and unreliable connectivity.

If you have a current venue WiFi provider, they may have even told you that it’s to be expected and there’s nothing they can do about it.

However, at APC Solutions – we can do something about it.

We specialise in providing permanent ultrafast WiFi connectivity for venues across the country. We’ve worked with countless venues and truly understand how to provide your guests with an unbeatable WiFi connection that won’t leave them unsatisfied.

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WiFi For Venues

Full Ultrafast WiFi Coverage Guarantee

Our venue WiFi package comes with a full WiFi coverage guarantee. This means that your guests and staff will be able to connect to your ultrafast WiFi from anywhere in your venue. You will receive no complaints about WiFi dead zones or slow internet speeds when you use our services, because we provide ultrafast internet speeds of over 100Mbps throughout your entire venue.

Safely Connect Unlimited Devices (With Full BYOD Support) 

We know that guests will often bring multiple WiFi enabled devices to your venue, and having limits on the number of connections to your internet can cause serious disruptions. This is why we have specifically designed our venue WiFi package to allow for unlimited device connections. We allow your guests to connect any number of devices to our WiFi connection without slow internet speeds or poor connectivity.

Gain Valuable Insights Into Your Visitors Through Analytics

Our venue WiFi solutions come with guest analytics reports that give you access to valuable information about your guests. You’ll be able to easily find out the average age and gender of the people visiting your venue. This is going to help you improve your customer satisfaction and create better targeted advertising campaigns. Plus, you can also get access to the contact details and social media accounts of all visitors that opt into your loyalty program. Which is a great way to increase the expected lifetime value of your customers. And you’ll also be able to legally gain important information on things like dwell time footfall and more. When it comes to guest WiFi Solutions, no one does it better than us.

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APC Solutions Team

If you’d like to find out more about our WiFi for venues package give us a call today on 03331 500140. Our telephone lines are open from 9am – 6pm, Monday to Friday. You can also click the button below to request a call back from one of our knowledgeable members of staff. All advice is offered for free and comes with no obligation, so get in touch with APC Solutions today.

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APC Solutions – The Solution To Slow Venue WiFi

Slow Venue WiFi? Get It Fixed

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