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Top Reasons Why Point To Point Microwave Links Are Better For Businesses Than Fibre Circuits

Point To Point Microwave Link

A point to point circuit connects site A to B, or alternatively it can connect multiple sites or locations to a central location. These dedicated circuits in themselves don’t provide Internet access but they will often extend the corporate network to locations and this will in turn provide protected internet access from within the corporate network

Fibre Circuit

With a fibre circuit you rent the fibre and the infrastructure by way of a service charge to a provider, you never own it. This type of solution has a reoccurring monthly charge with a contract term. Fibre point to point circuits can be costly to install in the first instance if the infrastructure isn’t in place and the lead times can be long in this instance.

Point To Point Microwave Link

A dedicated microwave radio point to point link can provide the same level of connectivity as a fibre with better reliability in some cases. The big advantage to this type of connection is that you can own it and its flexible, so if something changes in your business or organisation you are not tied into a contract with penalties to exit.

In terms of cost saving, let’s assume a 200Mbps fibre point to point circuit costs £450 per month with a free installation (if you’re lucky), over a 36 month term it will have cost you £16,200. Compare this to a 200Mbps microwave radio point to point link costing £5000 installed and £1295 per annum ongoing maintenance support, your 36 month cost is £8885.00, this represents a saving of £7315.

Meaning the Point To Point Microwave Link will give you a positive ROI after the first year!

Line of sight will be required in most cases, which can easily be achieved using multiple links as repeaters (if required). And although the initial cost to set up a point to point microwave link is greater than setting up a fibre circuit, you would still stand to save a substantial amount over a 3 year term.

So in summary, why should you use a Point To Point Microwave Link instead of a Fibre Circuit? It’s simple, the Point To Point Microwave Link gives you:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Ownership and control
  • Huge cost savings
  • Faster Speed of deployment
  • And you won’t be tied into a lengthy contract with penalties to exit

If you would like to discuss how we can help you start seeing these benefits in your business, get in touch with our expert team today.

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