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5 WiFi in School Benefits – Why School WiFi is Important

WiFi in Schools Benefits

The average child in the UK’s daily life has changed rapidly throughout the past 20 years – and one of the biggest changes being the amount of time young people and now spending online. A 2018 study from statista suggest that children between the ages of 12 to 15 now spend around 20.5 hours per week online, which is quite an increase from the 0 hours most of us spent on the internet growing up!

Many parents express their concerns about the length of time their children are spending on the internet, and although there’s no denying the fact that a little more daylight and exercise would be good for most children – there’s also no denying the fact that our children are going to be a lot more technologically advanced than we are.

This generation’s children love browsing the internet on their phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, etc. and know their devices like the back of their hands! This gives school teachers a variety of new teaching options to keep students engaged and (most importantly) interested.

There are countless reasons your school needs a great WiFi network and in this article we are going to go over some of the key benefits your school will receive from installing one.

The Benefits of School WiFi

Prepares Students For Real Life

1. Prepares Students For Real Life

As previously mentioned, we are well into the digital age and it is becoming increasingly hard to find a job that doesn’t rely on WiFi in some regard. The majority of new industries rely heavily on technology and giving your students that much needed early experience will do wonders for their prospective future.

But it’s not just employment that’s impacted by WiFi use. As your students mature and start to live an independent life, they’ll need to use the internet for submitting tax returns, finding the best insurance quotes, booking their driving theory test and even buying their weekly shopping.

And with the main purpose of sending children to school being to prepare them to face the big wide world, it’s fair to say that getting them used to using the internet on a daily basis is a good investment of their time.

Helps Students Develop Key Teamwork Skills

2. Helps Students Develop Key Teamwork Skills

Giving your students a reliable WiFi network allows them to easily share documents with their teachers and peers in just a matter of seconds, which is an amazing feature to offer at your school. But the real game changing element your school WiFi will provide to your students is the ability for them to work in collaboration with other students.

This doesn’t just improve the smoothness in which your lessons will run, it will also set them up for a seriously bright future. Because any successful business owner will tell you that finding employees that are able to work effectively in a team is like striking gold.

Many students leave school without adequate teamwork abilities, but your students will leave school with full experience.

Makes School Work More Accessible

3. Makes School Work More Accessible

Psychologists have always told us that if we truly want a human being to do something, we need to make it as easy as possible for them to do it. And although one cognitive bias alone isn’t going to end the teachers battle to get students doing homework – it will certainly assist them in their struggles.

Getting your students to use their own devices at school makes their school work more accessible to them outside of school hours.

Most children spend a considerable amount of time on their phones and tablets, and by getting them used to working on them too – they will never be more than a few taps and a couple of swipes away from doing their homework.

That doesn’t guarantee their homework will get done, but it does guarantee their dog won’t be able to eat it.

Creates More Inclusive Learning Styles For Students

4. Creates More Inclusive Learning Styles For Students

In an ideal world, all students would respond great to a single learning style. In the real world, it’s said there are 7 types of learning styles your students may respond best to. Catering for each and every one of these learning styles is no easy task, but many teachers are now finding it increasingly achievable by integrating their lessons with WiFi devices.

This is giving teachers the options they need to appeal to every child in the class and keep them interested in learning.

And what’s more, when students get stuck for answers on a project – they have the world’s largest database of information (the internet) right at their fingertips. This takes the pressure off the teachers and empowers students with the ability to perform that all important self education at a very early age.

Makes Students Learn Faster

5. Makes Students Learn Faster

Once your school gets integrated with a great WiFi connection, your teachers and students will benefit from a variety of factors that will speed up the learning process. Your teachers will find that lesson preparation takes less time to do and there will be no wasted time passing around worksheets to start the class.

And when your students need to refer back to a particular part of a document – they no longer need to manually re-read through the whole thing again to find it, as their WiFi enabled device can do it for them automatically. This means they’ll spend less time and energy on tasks that produce little results, and more on tasks that do.

Many schools that are currently utilising WiFi in the classrooms have stated that both their students and teachers have become more productive as a direct result of the WiFi integration.

How To Get WiFi In Your School

WiFi is transforming schools all over the UK and if you want to make sure your school doesn’t get left in the dark ages, it is strongly recommended that you look into implementing a solid WiFi solution in your school.

If you would like any free help or information on how to get WiFi installed in your school, visit our WiFi for schools page or click here to request a free call back from an expert member of our team.

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