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Kilostream Replacement
  • Full UK Coverage
  • Up to 10Gbps Speeds
  • Secure With AES Encryption
  • Ultra-Low Jitter & Latency
  • No Ongoing Service Costs
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The Kilostream Replacement

Replace Your Kilostream Connection With an Ultrafast Point To Point Microwave Link

If you’re currently using a kilostream line and have been told this will be discontinued in March 2020, our point to point microwave link could be the answer.

High capacity microwave gives ultra-high capacity over short distances offering a true fibre replacement up to 5kms, it is now possible to achieve over 10Gbps full duplex (in both directions) from a single backhaul link. With this extra capacity you will be able to do more with single connection than you could with your old kilostream circuits, which tended to be very inflexible. For example, your Point to Point link can be used for CCTV, internet access as well as your original application for the kilostream circuit – without any hiccups.

Our Point to Point Microwave links give you an ultra-low jitter and latency connection of up to 10Gbps, making it ideal for almost any use…

Ultra-high capacity RF is the E-band wave 70 & 80 GHz wireless spectrum which supports high speed data, voice and video services which APC can integrate with your existing network for rapid backhaul roll-out.

Book your replacement today and we guarantee to get your connection installed and fully functioning before your Kilostream line discontinues.

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Point to Point & Point to Multi Point solutions – PTP & PTMP

APC delivers Licensed, Lite Licensed and Unlicensed microwave links.

Fast Microwave Broadband

PTP & PTMP solutions provide long-range, high capacity throughput in Line of Sight (LOS), near Line of Sight (nLOS) or Non Line of Sight (NLOS) situations.

Licensed Microwave forms part of fixed wireless backhaul solutions and offers speeds up to 10Gbps, high availability and virtually limitless connection distances. Licensed microwave solutions provide proven reliability and performance; even in the most demanding locations.

Licensed Microwave links have exclusive bandwidth which is licensed solely for your use.

PTP & PTMP links are ideal to eliminate the recurring costs of traditional fibre leased or kilostream circuits.

APC will manage the OFCOM license application process on your behalf.

Our Private Network WAN solutions are bespoke and designed by one of our in-house technical specialists in partnership with your business. We will identify and document the objectives of the project and focus on the goals required; ensuring the most suitable technology is used.

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APC Solutions Team

If you would like to learn more about our Kilostream replacement solution, get in touch with our expert team now. We offer 100% free quotes, with no obligation and are always happy to give any free advice you may need – So click the button below to get started today.

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