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Here is a small selection of the sectors we provide WiFi connectivity for:

WiFi For Hotels

Hotel WiFi

The demand for great WiFi in hotels is at an all time high. WiFi is no longer just a nice thing to have – it’s a necessity and directly affects the amount of bookings your hotel receives. Our WiFi for hotels package has been specifically designed to meet the modern-day requirements hotel guests expect.

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School WiFi Solutions

School WiFi

Having a poor WiFi connection in your school can cause a number of issues. It stops the lessons running smoothly and stops your students learning to their full capacity. This is why we created our WiFi for schools package, which is: safer, faster and more reliable than any other WiFi provider out there.

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WiFi For Events

Event WiFi

Our event WiFi solutions have been specifically designed to match the needs of businesses hosting conferences, corporate events, red carpet premiers, sporting events, concerts, music festivals, exhibitions and more. As internet usage has become a more integral part of life, so too has its importance at events.

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WiFi Solutions For Venues

Venue WiFi

If you manage a venue that’s suffering from poor WiFi connectivity, you’re not alone. Most WiFi solutions cannot cope with the demands of a modern day venue. However, at APC Solutions we specialise in providing permanent ultrafast WiFi connectivity for venues that won’t leave guests unsatisfied.

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Holiday Park WiFi Services

Holiday Park WiFi

Having a solid WiFi connection in your holiday park has never been more important than it is right now, with many travellers claiming internet access to be one of the most important factors they take into account when determining where to stay.

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Enterprise WiFi Solutions

Enterprise WiFi

If you’re suffering from a poor WiFi connection in your business, your company’s productivity is being dramatically hindered. This leads to less work getting done and could potentially cost you thousands of pounds over the span of just a few years.

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Internet For Construction Sites

Construction Sites

Do you need a guaranteed internet connection to ensure your staff have consistent access to the BIM throughout your entire project? If so, our microwave internet is most certainly for you.

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Retail WiFi Solutions

Retail WiFi

Reliable retail WiFi has become a must have for any brick-and-mortar store, supermarket or shopping centre across the UK, but some are still missing out on the opportunities a professional WiFi service brings. 

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business wifi solutions

Office & Business

Whether you’re a small local business or a large organisation – Your poor WiFi is losing you money. From the drop in your team’s productivity to the bad first impressions, unreliable WiFi is holding your business back from reaching its full potential.

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Care Home WiFi Solutions

Care Home WiFi

Looking for a frustration-free WiFi connection that’ll keep your residence safely connected to their loved ones without the constant: freezing, disconnections or delays? We’re here to help!

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marina wifi solutions

Marina WiFi

With the majority of boat owners expecting free WiFi at marinas, we know just how important it is to cover the entire premises. Marinas typically span a large open area, which is why WiFi companies struggle to get a signal strong enough to reach the furthest ends.

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Hospital WiFi Clinics & Healthcare Providers

Hospital WiFi

Having an ultrafast WiFi connection that patients and staff can securely connect to whenever they need it has become more important that ever. Video calls may be the only way family members get to see an unwell loved one.

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